For the Business Insider, Jethro Nededog reports on GISHWHES, the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen for Random Acts, the nonprofit co-founded by television’s Supernatural star, Misha Collins, which tasks participants with undertaking various challenges including performing random acts of kindness. Mr. Nededog is a senior entertainment reporter at Business Insider, with a focus on television.

‘Supernatural’s’ Misha Collins is inspiring people around the world with a wacky scavenger hunt

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By Mark Foster | UNILAD | 7/17/15

“Supernatural” star Misha Collins has been inspiring people all over the world with GISHWHES, or Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen.

Participants are tasked with earning points by performing challenges or “items” ranging from creative to off-the-wall item to random acts of kindness captured by video or photo. Participants can form their own teams or they will be organized in teams of 15.


Supernatural Star’s Charity Scavenger Hunts A Huge Success!

After participating in a scavenger hunt, Misha Collins, who stars in TV’s Supernatural, decided to inspire others to action with his own charity scavenger hunt to support Random acts, the nonprofit he co-founded, which works with volunteers all over the works encouraging people of all ages to perform their own acts of kindness wherever, and whenever, possible. The charity scavenger hunt event entitled Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen, or GISHWHES, brings together thousands of participants from every corner of the world to work in teams to acquire a list of items or accomplish specific feats.

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Throughout the week-long event, GISHWHES participants post to social media their photos and videos of outlandish activities like posting a photo of a ball gown made of items found in your bathroom or their random acts of kindness like a video of the team performing a sock puppet show at a children’s hospital.

They’ve broken Guinness World Records including the most global hugs, delivered thousands of items to the homeless; raised the money to completely furnish every room of a home for a wounded veteran and his family and much more and have been covered by news media around the world helping this fun summer charity scavenger hunt to continue to grow year after year.

Charity Scavenger Hunts To Engage Your Supporters

If your organization is wondering what to do in the summer months to engage your supporters, charity scavenger hunts can be both fun and serve your mission by including simple acts of kindness that your participants can perform like cleaning up a local park or beach, or performing at a children’s hospital or retirement home, or simply helping people out with their packages at a local market.

The important thing is to build in a social media component, the way GISHWHES does by asking hunt participants to post photos and videos.

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Your charity scavenger hunters can also ask their friends, families and those they help to like your nonprofit on Facebook or follow you on Twitter.

Another way to boost your charity scavenger hunt is to encourage your hunters to set up crowdfunding pages, which they can then use to raise funds on your behalf as one of their activities.  They can customize their individual pages with event logos and calls to action to raise even more awareness and donations for your cause.

Make your charity scavenger hunts fun and exciting by encouraging your supporters to post their accomplishments on social media and to set up crowdfunding pages to raise donations for your cause.

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