Sam Haysom, Watercooler Reporter for Mashable UK, covered the sneaky story of one man’s approach to naming his daughter after his favorite football team. (Side note: Football is the UK equivalent to US soccer) Mashable is a leading source for news, information & resources for the Connected Generation.

Father sneakily names daughter after favourite football team, wife finds out 2 years later

choosing a fundraising keyword

Sam Haysom | Mashable UK | 1/5/16

If you ever needed proof of just how seriously some people people take football, look no further than the letter an Australian woman sent in to a magazine recently.  

“We chose our daughter’s name, Lanesra, because it was unique and romantic. It wasn’t till she was two that my husband told me it was actually his favorite soccer team, Arsenal, spelled backwards!” – Clare Smith

mobilecause-outlook, choosing a fundraising keywordMake the Right Choice When Choosing a Fundraising Keyword

Think of your choosing your fundraising keyword as your baby-branding…ahem, naming…it gives your campaign an identity that people will remember and call by name.

Choosing a fundraising keyword is just as important as naming your child, but a whole lot simpler – it should be one word, related to your org or specific campaign, easy to spell and hard to forget. Once you’ve chosen the perfect fundraising keyword for your campaign, it can be texted to a shortcode to make a call-to-action for your digital fundraiser at live events, over social media and through email and print simple.

The best part? Unlike the name you pick for a real baby, you can make instant changes to keywords, campaigns, real-time thermometer, fundraising goals and forms at any time from any device with cloud-based fundraising solutions

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