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Text NJ to 41444 to make a donation to the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund. In this video Mary Pat Christie, First Lady, State of New Jersey (wife of Governor Chris Christie) asks supporters to text NJ to 41444 to make a donation. These donations trigger a text message reply that allows supporters to make a text donation that is credit or debit card fulfilled.


The potential of credit card fulfilled text donations on television has not yet been realized

We are very excited to see new and effective ways of using this technology to get more donations into the hands of nonprofits faster than ever before. Clear instructions are critical to the success of a credit card fulfilled text donation campaign. If you are planning to promote credit card billed text donations on TV we recommend the language:

  • Text donations will not be added to your cell phone bill.
  • You must click the text link to complete gift. Be as generous as you can.
  • This donation method allows us to put your donations to work right away.

Remember… mobile fundraising is an impulse capturing technology. That being said… clear and concise instructions that solicit an emotional response are essential.

Traditional carrier billed donations are limited to $5 or $10 amounts and payouts can take up to 120 days. Benefits of credit card text donations include: unlimited donation amounts, full payouts every 15-30 days, and you receive full donor data (name, email, mobile, address) for future use. Download text to donate in a smartphone age infographic below to get started.

Daniel ScalisiBy Daniel Scalisi, Founder/ EVP Sales & Market Development.

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