Reporting for ABC News, Michael Rothman covers Jurassic Park star, Chris Pratt’s social media challenge to fans to honor veterans by thanking them through a video social media post. Rothman is an entertainment reporter for ABC News, a leading source of news and trending stories.

September 11: Chris Pratt Honors Veterans With Social Campaign

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By Michael Rothman | ABC News | 9/11/15

Chris Pratt took to Facebook on today, the 14th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, to honor those who stepped up to defend America.

“In the face of unexpected violence, most of us freeze. We crumble. We pray. We cry. But a select few stand up, join up and take the fight to the enemy, in the name of justice,” he wrote, along with a minute-long video.

“This September 11th I am doing something I invite all of you to do as well. I’m posting a video to #ThankAVeteran,” he continued.


The “Jurassic World” star is honoring Mike Day, a former Navy Seal that Pratt got to know recently.


Pratt Challenges Fans to “Thank A Veteran”

Over one and a half million views later and counting, Chris Pratt’s video paying tribute to his friend and former Navy Seal, Mike Day, is an example of how nonprofits can use Facebook to make an impact. In honor of  9/11 Day, Pratt issued the challenged to his social media followers to record and post a video message to thank other veterans for their service with the hashtag #ThankAVeteran.

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