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Transformation Church Greenwood is a multi-cultural place of worship focused on transforming lives. Their church fundraising idea was to implement mobile solutions to engage church individuals to get plugged in, join small groups and grow in faith.

Promotion of Keywords at Church

Church leadership created unique messaging keywords and promoted them during services for people to signup for classes, get involved in ministries, and receive program notifications and encouragements. Examples include:

Text CCLASS to 51555 and complete the form to register for classes.

church fundraising ideas

Text SoFly Your Name to 51555 to get involved in the young adults group!

church fundraising ideas

Text TCNews to 51555 to get real time church updates!

church fundraising ideas

Don’t Let People Slip Through the Cracks

“We know that statistically, people are much more likely to stay in a church where they can build relationships. We wanted to be a place where people have tons of options for building relationships – small groups, service opportunities, classes. We’re also very design forward so we didn’t want to have tons of clipboard sign-ups in the lobby. MobileCause helped us design an elegant sign up process that happens seamlessly inside our Sunday morning announcements. Using a mobile number to sign up means that people can join a group immediately & a real person can follow up with them by phone to get them connected. In this way, the technology helps us build relationships faster. We need multiple touch points to ensure we’re serving our people in the best way possible. We want to make sure that people don’t fall through the cracks.”
Angela, Transformation Church Team Member

Benefits for Church Engagement


  1. People don’t have to remember to sign up after service.
  2. People don’t have to wait in line in the lobby to sign up.
  3. Electronic process means signup sheets never get lost.
  4. Phone number as a primary ID means both texts and phone calls can be used to build relationships.
  5. Speedy alerts when service times change (especially in inclement weather).
  6. Multiple touch points with members during the week.


Church Engagement Highlights


  • More than 2100 individuals have subscribed to receive text messages from Transformation Church.
  • Transformation Church sends weekly text messages to keep people encouraged and connected.

Shelly WenkBy Shelly Wenk, Head of Customer Success linkedin rss google facebook

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