Reporting for UK Yahoo Celebrity, Stephanie Soteriou wrote about One Direction singer, Louis Tomlinson, lending his name and fundraising efforts to a Cinderella charity ball on behalf Believe in Magic.  Yahoo Celebrity is the source for the hottest celebrity news.

Louis Tomlinson To Host Charity Cinderella Ball – One Direction’s Most Charitable Deeds

cinderella charity ball

By Stephanie Soteriou | Yahoo Celebrity | 7/29/15

You know it, we know it, heck, the whole bloomin’ world knows it, but still it’s always nice to have an excuse to remind everybody just how bloomin’ lovely, wonderful, and big-hearted those One Direction boys are.

The latest example of this comes courtesy of the gorgeous, high-cheekboned babe that is Louis Tomlinson, who last night announced that he was set to host a ‘Cinderella Ball’ for Believe In Magic – a charity that makes dreams come true for seriously ill children.


Cinderella Charity Ball

One Direction fans have flooded the Believe in Magic fundraising page of Louis Tomlinson. Just two days after posting the link on Twitter, the singer’s page had over $140,000 in donations. In addition to collecting contributions, the fundraising page served as an event announcement and channel to raise awareness for the nonprofit.

The More You Donate, The Bigger Your Impact

To encourage fans to give, the fundraising effort included the offer of gifts to encourage early donations. The first five fans to donate $100 received a signed tour program, and the first 500 will get a digitally signed tour photo set. Also, limitless t-shirts and hoodies created exclusively for the campaign, will go to fans giving at the next levels.

Even those donating as little as $25 receive a Thank You e-card from the band. The items, which cost little to mass produce appeal to One Direction fans and have been the driving force behind the donation craze for this event.

Create Excitement With Branded Event Incentives

Incentives can make the giving process exciting for donors, who in addition to their desire to support your cause, are further motivated to give in order to reach a predetermined goal that results in a reward. More importantly, reward incentives may not necessarily be a major contributing factor to why your donors give, but they can make a great impact on getting them to contribute more, to reach the next donation level.

Providing gifts is not the only way your organization can reward your supporters.  Consider tiered ticket levels with varying degrees of access and bonuses, like meet and greets with celebrity hosts or VIPs, for your organization’s next fundraising event.  Without having to spend any additional funds, attendees can be motivated to give more.

Mobile donation forms can be customized to accommodate branded event campaigns. Registration, event tickets and exclusive pre- or post-event opportunities instead of gift incentives, which cost your organization money, is perfect for announcing your event, getting people excited and increasing attendance.

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