Does your organization rely heavily on event fundraising to collect donations at annual events? Do you hold annual events both large and small? Maximize involvement and collected donations by creating a culture of events within your organization.

npENGAGE suggests that nonprofits need to create an event culture rather than just an experience. Especially if your organization relies on event donations for the bulk of its fundraising efforts, you want participants to have firm memories of the day. This encourages people to register for the annual event again next year.
Create an event culture rather than an event experience.

5 Tips to Create a Culture of Collecting Donations at Events


1—Set a fundraising goal and purpose: The purpose of your event may not be exclusively dedicated to raising money. Your organization may be looking to boost awareness of your cause and mission. This can ensure you build a stronger donor database and maintain high attendance levels at events over time. Events can serve more than one purpose. However, if the primary objective is fundraising, you should set a financial goal that can guide the rest of your strategy.

2—Make it social: Depending on your target audience, a high percentage of your participants may have an active social media presence. This is especially beneficial if you have a short time to raise money for a campaign because it can expand your reach. Social media better enables volunteer fundraising. Event participants can share donation information with their friends. Social media is a great place to promote content about fundraising impact. Additionally, integrating social media into the actual event with a projector can increase effectiveness.


3—Plan the details ahead of time: It’s a good idea to do a run-through of the event beforehand to avoid any hiccups on the actual day. This can keep the event focused, ensuring that you gain more mobile pledges. If you rely on volunteers at events, it may be beneficial to provide a little coaching on their responsibilities.

4—Don’t forget the signage: Although signs may seem like an afterthought, the right ones can have a big impact at your event. They don’t need to be overly complicated; using a few main keywords can do the trick and make an impact. In fact, signage can work better when there are fewer words because it’s less distracting for participants to read. We recommend simple table tents and onscreen instructions to reinforce the speakers call to action.

Table tents and onscreen instructions increase donations.


5—Use an event thermometer: An event thermometer adds an interactive, competitive element to your event. Pledges can be displayed on the screen in real time, which inspires higher levels of participation because everyone can see how close you are to the goal. To make it even more interactive, you can display donors’ names on the screen along with their giving totals. This addition can help you raise more money at your event.

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