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The A21 Campaign fights to prevent human trafficking and bring justice and freedom to those in need through awareness, education and legal support. A21 partnered with Hillsong United to raise text donations at concerts.

The Power of Partnerships—A21 and Hillsong

​A21 identified the most influential person to address the crowd during the show and provided concert organizers with a brief and moving video about the impact of their work. After the video ​played on the main screen, the lead singer of Hillsong United gave a verbal call to action for text donations. Fans were motivated to give not only because of their relationship to the band, but because of the effective storytelling done by A21.


Text to Donate is the Most Convenient Way for People to Give at Concerts

Concert attendees were instructed to text the keyword A21 to 41444 to make a donation with a credit/debit card. The default donation amount was set to $10. In less than 60 seconds attendees could complete mobile donations below. A21 collected 100% secure donations and full donor information for 507 new supporters. Donations were remitted to A21 each month.


Text to Donate Fulfillment Strategy

Individuals who made pledges and did not immediately click the link to fulfill their pledge were sent reminder text messages and received follow up phone calls from A21 representatives.

Concert Fundraising Highlights


  • 507 new donors to A21
  • $22 average mobile donation
  • Full donor data collected for engagement Donations remitted within a month


How to Receive Maximum Concert Donations

Best Practice #1—Fundraisers should display the thermometer on-screen to recognize participants in real time. Attendees get excited about seeing there names in lights and this drives more donations in higher amounts. Additionally, people will give multiple times to reach the goal.

Best Practice #2—Reward people who make concert donations with exclusive merchandise and enter them to win once in a lifetime opportunities with the band!

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