The Professional BusinessWomens Conference is the premier conference for women in business and brings together inspiring speakers, interactive learning, and purposeful networking to create powerful experiences that unlock the full potential of women in the workplace.

The Power of Understanding Your Audience

After a moving keynote by Arianna Huffington, Cheryl Jennings from ABC News reminded the professional women in the audience of the difference higher education made in their own lives and encouraged them to donate to the scholarship drive to help send a young woman to college.



Conference Donations Call to Action

From the stage, Cheryl walked the audience, step by step, through making a mobile pledge by making a test pledge from her own phone. She shared statistics about donation impact and, with music playing, gave enough time for donations to display on the screen and donors to be recognized (see below).



Mobile Pledge Fulfillment

Conference attendees who made pledges and did not immediately click the link to fulfill their pledge (see above) were sent reminder text messages.

Conference Fundraising Results

At the final session of a two-day conference, with 4000 people in the room, PBWC received 1280 pledges and raised more than $43,000 in donations. The highest pledges of the night were 4 pledges of $500. Most gifts were from $1 – 100.

  • Total Donations Raised = 43K+
  • Donors: 1280 pledges
  • Attendee Participation: 32%
  • Average Gift: $35

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