Jackie Northam, writing for NPR, reports on how organizations and individuals all over Canada are pitching in to help Syrian refugees as they arrive in and begin settling down in their new adopted country.  Ms. Northam is the Foreign Affairs correspondent for NPR news and is a veteran journalist with over twenty years of experience covering international and foreign policy issues.

As Syrian Refugees Reach Canada, Many Are Pitching In

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Jackie Northam | NPR | 12/22/15

Across Canada, churches, communities and businesses are all pitching in, as are many individuals, who are privately sponsoring Syrian families and covering most of their needs for the first year.

The number of Canadians contacting Lifeline Syria and offering to help has only increased since September, when a photo appeared in news outlets across the world of a lifeless 3-year-old Syrian boy who had washed up on a Turkish beach. The family of the boy, Alan Kurdi, had applied — and was turned down — for Canadian asylum.

“I remember when the photo came out, I was in a board meeting and I started to get all these emails,” says Alexandra Kotyk, Lifeline Syria’s project director. “And I started talking to my staff and they said the phones [were] ringing off the hook. We think we got 1,400 emails in two days of people just saying, ‘How can I help?’ ”

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