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8 Copywriting Tips for Improving Conversions

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By Neil Patel| 5/12/15 | Hubspot Blog

So, what are the writing secrets that really sells people? Here are eight features that will help kick your conversion copywriting efforts into high gear.


  1. Be positive in your tone.
  2. Be personal.
  3. Be direct.
  4. Be assertive in your CTAs.
  5. Be exciting.
  6. Pat the customer on the back.
  7. Use data to support, not to lead.
  8. Insist on action.

mobilecause-outlookEffective storytelling keeps donors, supporters and staff passionate and engaged throughout the year.

Copywriting for fundraising success is essential. Nonprofit organizations that effectively captivate constituents with meaningful words, combined with powerful images and videos, are best suited for long term fundraising success.

Positive and personal direct communications with exciting and assertive calls to action are best.

In terms of storytelling, nonprofits should carefully consider headlines, copy, and calls to action. These words will be used to communicate your campaign and drive donor action across email, text, social media and direct mail.

Tip: It is better for nonprofit communications to be informal and timely because they humanize and personalize your mission.

Final word: Be sure that each communication you send has a consistent tone and brand that clearly represents what you do and who you are as an organization.

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