Many companies are implementing corporate giving programs to support a wide variety of causes. From disaster relief to volunteering for local advocacy groups, there has been a shift in the last decade to more charitable behavior in the workplace. In the past, employees had to remember to bring checks or visit a website, and companies would have to process paperwork. With mobile fundraising, this process can be streamlined, allowing your organization to have a bigger impact more quickly. Additionally, custom branded mobile donation pages (see below) receive 38% higher donations than generic online giving pages.



Corporate giving programs can even improve a business’s reputation in the community. A 2013 study from marketing and public relations firm Cone Communications and Echo Global revealed corporate social responsibility initiatives are a major purchase driver for consumers. Based on similar product availability and prices, 91% of customers will switch to brands that support good causes. A similar percentage said they would ditch a company that was involved in unethical practices. Not only is charity good for internal morale, but it can help companies attract socially conscious customers.


Whether your company is hosting a fundraising event or sponsoring a local cause, mobile donations are well-suited for corporate giving. Here’s a look at how you can benefit from this type of fundraising:

  • Corporate giving can boost employee engagement: Many companies struggle to maintain worker happiness over an extended period of time, but supporting a cause can get employees excited again. This enthusiasm can be reflected back in other parts of their work, according to Triple Pundit
  • Easy to integrate into your business: Managers don’t want employees to be distracted with external activities, but mobile fundraising makes it easy to schedule an event. Plus, donating from a smartphone takes less than 60 seconds, meaning it’s one of the most time-effective ways to support a cause
  • Encourage employee involvement: Many people are passionate about charitable causes outside of work, and your team members may be a great source of fundraising ideas for a foundation or event to support. If your company gets involved with a social issue employees care about, they will be more likely to participate. Mobile fundraising makes it easier to share campaign information on social media, which spurs engagement.

Add an element of competition to company fundraisers There is a multitude of ways you can use mobile donations to engage your employees in charitable causes. Offer matching contributions, which will encourage workers to get involved. Using MobileCause’s Event Thermometer, you can inspire a sense of competition and urgency because employees will be motivated to meet the goal by a certain time – especially when they have a clear visual. You can also highlight giving amounts per employee, which can further increase participation.


In the past, administrative costs and paperwork processing were barriers to implementing corporate giving programs. MobileCause’s platform gives organizations of all sizes a cost-effective way to give back to their surrounding communities without making it complicated. If you’re trying to quickly raise funds for disaster relief or support an annual event at a local nonprofit, mobile donations can strengthen your workplace giving programs.

Sean MacneillSean MacNeill, MobileCause CEO


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