Consumer Protection Certification

The Consumer Protection Certification form is specifically required as part of carrier processes to thoroughly verify the legitimacy of an organization.

  • In the “Company Name” field please provide your organization’s name and in the “DBA” (Doing Business As) fields please insert any other names under which you have resided business, if applicable.
  • In the “Physical Address” fields, please do not insert a P.O. Box address, but a complete physical address. This address must match your Guidestar account.
  • You will also need to include at least 3 different names in the “Key Business Personnel” section and one of those 3 will need to sign at the bottom of the form. Their title at the bottom of the form will also need to match the given title in the Key Business Personnel section.
  • Banking Information is a vetting requirement to validate financial legitimacy and to confirm Patriot Act Compliance. It must be provided for consideration of your campaign. Note that you need only provide the last four digits of your account number in the Account Number field.

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