Credit Card Mobile Donations vs $10 Text to Give

If traditional Text to Give ($10 mobile donations added to a wireless phone bill with 59% fulfillment rate) would have been used instead of Text to Donate ($65 average donation with 84% fulfillment rate) for this campaign… WWJ950 would have raised a total of only $730.


The Heat and Warmth Fund (THAW) WWJ Newsradio 950’s Radiothon

Fundraising Strategy  To give busy prospective donors a quick, easy, and independent way to help those facing the unimaginable choice between heating and eating.

Mobile Strategy  Appeal to people who might not want to talk on the phone on their way to work—or who may not be near a computer—by providing a simple way for them to give via mobile donations.

Tactics  WWJ 950 gave donors compelling reasons to give by airing live interviews with families that THAW had helped during previous years. Organizers captured impulse donations by including mobile calls to action into on-air pitches, presentations, and online promotions as an additional way to give. They repeated keyword THAW and shortcode 41444 so that the donor could act in the moment. In less than 60 seconds listeners completed mobile donations. WWJ950 collected full donor information for future engagement.


Challenges  To conserve marketing space, this customer shortened their call to action to “Text THAW to 41444” and did not make it clear to donors that they would be required to enter their credit card information.

Best Practice  Be as clear as possible with calls to action so that donors know exactly what to expect.

“Text THAW to 41444 to a make a donation with your credit card.”

Mobile Fundraising Results


  • 121 new donors — 65% fulfillment rate
  • $4,931 raised over mobile
  • $65 average mobile gift
  • $250 highest donation


Jeremy KoenigBy Jeremy Koenig, Head of Marketing

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