Danielle Sills reports for Cleveland station WKYC on the crowdfunding campaign Cleveland Browns fans have launched to buy the team. Danielle Sills is a producer at NBC Affiliate, WKYC Channel 3 News in Cleveland, Ohio. Ms. Sills has worked in television, radio, online, and print journalism.

Crowdfunding effort to let fans manage Cleveland Browns

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By Danielle Sills | WKYC-TV | 9/10/15

Fans can donate to crowdfunding effort to raise $1 billion dollars to buy the Cleveland Browns.

CLEVELAND — Cleveland Browns fans are launching a crowdfunding campaign to buy the team.

The Billion Dollar Browns proposal is for fans to raise more than $1 billion to buy and manage the team.

Though it may seem far-fetched, the leader of the campaign is serious about this effort.

Here’s how it works:

The group wants to raise $5 million by collecting $5 each from a million fans.

Each person who contributes will have to provide $1,000 if the initial million is raised.

Then accountants and attorneys will handle the $5 million while more is raised.

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Crowdfunding Campaign Can Make Big Impact

Dismayed by a multitude of losses, Cleveland Brows fans, have launched a crowdfunding campaign, which may be the only way they can make a direct impact on the direction and management of their hometown team.

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