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Types of Services

We offer a full suite of online and mobile fundraising solutions to help you maximize your fundraising results with MobileCause. Whether you’re new to online fundraising or a MobileCause customer looking to improve your fundraising strategy, we have services for all your fundraising and donor engagement needs.

Digital Marketing Services

Our team of digital marketing strategists can develop online and mobile fundraising strategies, effective storytelling, compelling call-to-actions, and donor engagement campaigns.

Customer Support

Work with MobileCause experts who understand your organization, challenges and goals and are always there to provide assistance. Our support experts are available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

MobileCause Academy

Hit the ground running right from the start. Attend our instructor-led certified trainings and visit our Knowledge Center to access videos and articles to get you fundraising quickly.

How We Help

We create the campaigns. You focus on running your organization.

Our digital marketing experts can help you with:

  • Campaign creation and setup
  • Event strategy
  • Promotion and marketing
  • Brand and communication strategy
  • Online and mobile giving strategies

We provide account support when you need it.

Our customers gain immediate access to our:

  • Resource portal
  • Training webinars
  • How-to videos
  • Webmaster support
  • Email and phone support (24/7/365)

What Our Customers Say

Part of the Solution

“A huge thanks to the MobileCause team for helping us host a successful event. I was very impressed with how incredibly attentive everyone was and how quickly they were able to set up our account and event page. Additionally, the team was able to provide helpful tips on how to build a strong campaign.”
— Angela Collard

International Medical Corps

“MobileCause makes giving at events exciting! Every single attendee is empowered to become an important part of our mission.”
— Shelly Wenk

Meet our Digital Fundraising Experts

“I give and volunteer because I believe we all have a moral obligation to make our communities better.”


“I give and volunteer with local nonprofits to feel connected to my neighbors and feel proud to be a part of my community.”


“I give and volunteer for the American Cancer Society in the hopes that one day the cure will be found.”


“I volunteer and give because I want to make an impact on the community, however big or small.”


“I care most about helping fundraise for public schools. I am a product of public schools and my kids are enrolled in woefully underfunded public schools.”


“I am most passionate about human development. Living and volunteering in South Africa, I’ve learned that we need to do a lot more to equalize the standard of living around the globe.”


“Anne Springs Close Greenway is the favorite campaign I worked, they showed how grassroots fundraising and a shared love for the outdoors can bring a community together to make a big change.”


“I most enjoyed working on a Second Chance Prom for United Way. It was great to see the creativity in fundraising and help the organization enhance donating at their event.”


“My favorite campaign was for Women’s March LA. A few of us in customer success participated and got to witness the great work they do.”


“I give to and volunteer with different nonprofit organizations to help support and make a difference within my local community.”


“I am an advocate for animals and want to help and give back to anyone helping the cause and helping the animals who can’t help themselves.”


“Privacy, security, free speech and IP laws all are topics that seem neglected and ignored without the help of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (”


“I give to help create the positive change I want to see in the world. It reminds me that I’m not powerless to make a difference.”


“I love helping nonprofits led by communities most affected by injustice. These organizations are often formed in direct response to a lack of services that effectively address their needs.”


“It’s never about the money or my time when I volunteer and make a gift. It’s about making a positive impact for my community.”


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