Writing for TODAY, Health & Wellness, Molly Blake covers the generous act of football star, DeAngelo Williams who, along with Charlotte Radiology, is covering the cost of 53 mammograms in honor of his mother, Sandra, who succumbed to the disease at the age of 53.  Ms. Blake is a freelance writer and content creator specializing in business, non-profits, travel, technology, lifestyle and the military. She has been published in American Way, Forbes.com, Today.com, Pace Publications, Inc.com, CNN, Today.com and Entrepreneur Magazine among others.

DeAngelo Williams pays for 53 mammograms to honor mom, who died of breast cancer

Holly Blake | TODAY | 10/15/15

Pittsburgh Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams announced earlier this month that his nonprofit organization, The DeAngelo Williams Foundation, will cover the cost of 53 mammograms at hospitals located in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Pittsburgh.

Williams is a staunch supporter of breast cancer awareness. In 2014, Williams’ mother, Sandra Hill, died after battling breast cancer. She was just 53 years old. He also lost his four aunts to the disease, but not before leading a push in 2009 to allow NFL players to wear pink cleats throughout October, Breast Cancer Awareness month.

mobilecause-outlookMaking a Difference in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

When the NFL denied DeAngelo William’s request to wear pink year-round in memory of his mom, Sandra Hill, who died of breast cancer in 2014, the football star came up with a different, and perhaps better way to honor her – paying for 53 mammograms, 1 for every year of his mom’s life.

In addition to raising awareness for the fight against breast cancer and inspiring women to get tested, his simple idea of paying for the cancer screenings made a positive, and very real impact in the lives of 53 women.

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