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Delta Will Donate Profits to Share Their Success with Charitable Partners

Jonathan Chew’s article in Fortune the announcement by incoming CEO, Ed Bastian, on how Delta will donate 1% of its profits to  to share the company’s good fortune with key charitable organizations. Delta’s commitment to charity will be based on its performance throughout the year rather than on a traditional workplace giving model that relies on the individual donations of a company’s employees.

Trending Article | Jonathan Chew | Fortune | 02/26/2016

Delta Is Giving Away 1% of Its Profits to Charity

delta will donateImage courtesy of Rebius / Shutterstock.com

Delta Air Lines will donate 1% of its net income to charitable organizations.

The carrier will start its commitment this year, and barring unforeseen financial circumstances, Delta DAL 0.79% is set to give away around $37 million to charitable organizations worldwide, according to an open letter shared by incoming CEO Ed Bastian to his employees.

Delta didn’t specify which charities would receive its donations, which will be fulfilled through cash contributions, in-kind travel and grants.

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Insider Outlook | Dylan Deeds | MobileCause Customer Success Manager


Strong Nonprofit Partnerships Can Drive Who Delta Will Donate Profits To in 2016

It’s very likely that if you’re one of the nonprofits to whom Delta will donate profits this year, you’ve already established some type a relationship with the airline. That’s why building partnerships with businesses that can result in support for your mission should be a standard element of your nonprofit’s development plans.

And while it may seem that only larger organizations like United Way have the ability to connect to big companies like Delta, Coke, and Walmart, even those corporate giants have programs in place to support charitable works at a local level. Start by researching the websites of companies you want to target or check out Double the Donation, who can help you connect with businesses that donate to nonprofits.

You can also build collaborative relationships by focusing on smaller businesses, preferably local (non-chain) establishments who may offer support through donations, employee volunteer programs, in-kind gifts and more. First ask them if they’d like to make a contribution, then explain the benefits of your partnership including the increased (and positive) exposure they’ll receive via co-branded flyers, mailers, website pages, and mobile-friendly donation forms that make it easy for you, your business partner and the company’s employees to collect donations for your cause from any device.

Summary: Make building relationships with business partners standard operating procedure for your nonprofit to create win-win situations that benefit both you and the businesses that support your cause by co-branding campaign marketing materials and mobile-friendly donation forms.

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