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Digital Church Fundraising Revolutionizes the Collection Plate

A Bloomberg Business article by Rebecca Greenfield looks at the eye-opening experience a young millennial recently had upon returning to church. At the service during the passing of the collection plate, instead of depositing cash, checks or envelopes, many parishioners chose to make contributions using their mobile phones via a digital tithing app. Ms. Greenfield is a work culture reporter at Bloomberg Business.

Trending Article | Rebecca Greenfield | Bloomberg Business | 03/08/2016

The Church Collection Plate Goes Digital

digital church fundraising

Dylan Ciamacco, 25, first went to the Los Angeles outpost of international megachurch C3 as a teen. His mom thought a lot of the young people there—in skinny jeans, chunky sweaters, and leather jackets—dressed like him. He’d emerged recently from a “sick” (as in awesome) atheist phase, he says, mocking himself, and was looking to go back to church.

A typical service, Ciamacco says, opens with a band that would fit in at the Coachella festival, were it not for the Jesus lyrics: “What a savior, my Redeemer/Friend of sinners, one like me.” (In one podcast, a pastor, sermonizing about society’s obsession with markers of achievement, uses an Internet-approved term of endearment to channel his audience, asking, “When am I going to get my own bae?”) At the end, a member of the “worship team” will call on parishioners to tithe and pass the collection plate. But not all people reach into their wallet. Many take out their phone instead.

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Insider Outlook | Kelly Donohue | MobileCause Account Executive


Revolutionizing the Traditional Collection Plate with Digital Church Fundraising

According to the article, churches using digital church fundraising apps are seeing “more donations, more often from more people.” Some have even found a way to combat any bouts of guilt felt by members who don’t put a contribution into the traditional collection plate by printing out cards members can use stating they gave online. It’s also helping to engage younger members who would rather contribute on their phones than leaving their credit card information written down on a piece of paper.

Digital church fundraising using customizable donation pages can help your church or other faith-based organization to collect 38% larger gifts and make it easy for parishioners to contribute during each service from their smartphones using their credit or debit cards. Recurring giving options on mobile-friendly forms make it easier still to fulfill ongoing tithing commitments in one simple step.

Whether your faith-based organization is collecting to make capital improvements, fund a mission trip or special program, responsive forms that can be used from any device allow more of your members to give not only when asked to do so in person, but also in response to email, direct mail, social media, radio and TV, and even by text message using a text-to-donate keyword.

Summary: Provide the members of your church or other faith-based organization giving options beyond the traditional collection plate and make it easy for them to contribute with mobile-friendly donation forms they can access at any time and from anywhere right from the convenience of their mobile phones.

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