Donate By Text


The best time to ask for people to donate by text is at the emotional apex of an event. Awkward transitions, bad timing and unplanned distractions can all dramatically decrease donation amounts. Here is a great example of a video that solicits an emotional response that was followed directly by a donate by text call to action at the International Medical Corps annual awards celebration.



Ask Individuals to Donate by Text to Capture Impulse Donations


Donations by text are the absolute – no doubt about it – easiest – most effective – most efficient – way for nonprofit organizations to drive increased donation frequencies and amounts in the moment! With real-time results displayed on-screen donors receive immediate satisfaction as they see their donation amount, name and message appear on screen as the thermometer raises towards the goal.

donate by text

Send Texts with Links to Videos to Reach the Hearts of Donors


With the wide adoption of smartphones, sending text messages with links to videos is perhaps the most effective way to get powerful messages into the hearts and minds of individuals.

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