Over the last three years many nonprofit organizations have taken advantage of MobileCause’s turnkey call center. Our call center works to ensure that those who desire, intend, and even sometimes just consider to make donations and do not complete—are called by a friend (that’s us the MobileCause call center!) on behalf of your organization.


Mobile pledging events that utilize our call center typically collect 50% more donations than those that don’t.

Don’t believe me?… Consider this hypothetical fundraising opportunity… You are at some kind of event, anything from free show in the park to a formal gala awards ceremony celebration, and you…

  • Didn’t bring your checkbook or cash.
  • Want to give with your credit card but forget to go online.
  • Don’t have the funds to give now but would like to give in the future.
  • Didn’t intend to give but were so emotionally moved that you want to make an impulse donation.
  • Need and quick and easy way to donate with a credit/debit card.

You get the idea… this scenario represents the reality for many nonprofit organizations that experience high donation form abandon rates.


The MobileCause call center is designed to solve this problem.

Here’s how it works:

  • Rather than asking a participant to write a check, go online, fill out a credit card form or pledge card you tell them to…
  • Text a keyword (example UNITED) to a shortcode (example 41444) followed by ANY PLEDGE AMOUNT.
  • The donor will then receive an immediate text message reply thanking them for their pledge and including a link to fulfill their donation if they have a smartphone.
  • If the donor does not fulfill their pledge they receive a warm and friendly follow up call to fulfill the pledge.


This process ensures that donation form abandon rates are as low as possible and dollars collected are as high as possible!

The MobileCause call center processes, frequencies and language can be tailored to your cause for a seamless, fun and efficient donation experience for your supporters.

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