Donations Instead of Birthday Gifts Can Help Save Cute Kittens

Proving that fundraising ideas can come from just about anywhere, Adrienne Cutway reported for the Orlando Sentinel the amazingly generous idea of 5-year old girl Kendley Anne, who asked for donations instead of birthday gifts to help Orange County Animal Services, which services the local community with pet adoptions, spay/neuter mobile clinic, a pet pantry for struggling pet owners and more. Ms. Cutway is a digital producer and blogger for the Orlando Sentinel covering viral content and trending topics.

Trending Article | Orlando Sentinel | Adrienne Cutway | 03/30/2016

Local Girl Asks for Animal Shelter Donations Instead of Birthday Presents

donations instead of birthday gifts

Pet food, squeaky toys and rawhide bones aren’t what you usually see on a little girl’s birthday wish list.

A 5-year-old girl from Orlando recently asked for those items and more to be donated to Orange County Animal Services in lieu of birthday presents and now her good deed is being recognized online.

Kendley Anne loves animals, including her 1-year-old goldendoodle Eloise, so asking party attendees to donate to the animal shelter instead seemed like a perfect fit.

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Save Kittens, Puppies and So Much More When You Ask for Donations Instead of Birthday Gifts

Orange County Animal Services reports that they’ve been very fortunate that a number of children just like Kendley Anne have also chosen to receive donations instead of birthday gifts to help the homeless pets their organization supports.

Whether your mission is to help cute little kittens, big fluffy dogs, or some other deserving cause, asking for donations instead of birthday gifts is a great fundraising event idea that you can launch at any time, in no time and that’ll work for you all year-round.

It takes only a few minutes to set up a crowdfunding page for your organization and to promote the signup form across all channels, including email, text, and social media. Ask your supporters to set up a personal crowdfunding page in time for their birthday, which they can customize with their photo, goal and message telling their friends and family to donate to your cause in lieu of presents. Your supporters can promote their “birthday” crowdfunding page to their network of friends and family, especially on social media.

All of their gifts or donations will be sent directly to your organization and you’ll get all of the individual donors so you can reach out to them to thank them and engage them to give again.

Summary: Giving supporters the means to collect donations instead of birthday gifts is a great fundraising event idea that empowers supporters to raise funds for your organization. Not only is a personal “birthday” crowdfunding page engaging and inventive, but on average 5 out of 8 people who give through crowdfunding are new to your organization, helping you grow your donor base as you collect donations for your cause.

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