People have celebrated Earth Day on April 22 every year since 1970. While environmental organizations still use this holiday to raise awareness about conservation and sustainability more than four decades later, earth day fundraising has changed dramatically. Text to Donate (see smartphone giving example below) is the best way to increase awareness and fundraising levels in support of conservation efforts.


Build Awareness and Collect Donations

Since 1970, the environmental movement has expanded to celebrate Earth Week, which is held from April 21-25 each year. Conservationists can use this time to discuss issues in clean energy, recycling, sustainability and protecting endangered species of plants and wildlife. With the increased focus on environmental issues during April, it’s the perfect time for organizations to use mobile fundraising and communication to build awareness and collect donations in support of conservation efforts.

Use mobility to spread the word about Earth Day initiatives

In the past, conservation groups had to rely on word of mouth and traditional advertising and fundraising channels to raise awareness about significant environmental issues that affect us all. As the population continues to grow, societies will need to find renewable resources, and Earth Day aims to give groups a platform to highlight the importance of these issues. What if you could reach a higher number of active donors through the most accessible channel available today? Communicating through mobile technology is one of the best ways to build donor relationships.

Smartphones offer conversation groups a highly efficient way to get donations.

Mobile fundraising is the perfect way to take advantage of the added awareness from Earth Day to gain new supporters and encourage repeated donations from existing contributors. You can send text messages, which are more likely to be read than nearly any other form of communication. This can boost engagement throughout the year – not just during the time around Earth Day. Text message donations are a great way to fund protection efforts for endangered species or fuel nonprofit events. Give contributors the option of subscribing via mobile to build your donor list in person. In fact, a fundraising thermometer (see below) can increase participation at events.


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