In a blog post on the talkshow hosts’ website, Ellen Degeneres recapped her humble Humanitarian Award win at the People’s Choice Awards. A video of her acceptance speech about kindness and using your voice to make a difference that went viral was included in the post.

Ellen Wins the People’s Choice Humanitarian Award!

EllenTV.com | 1/06/15

To honor Ellen for her life-changing work with individuals, communities and organizations, she’s been awarded the fourth annual People’s Choice Award for Favorite Humanitarian. Watch the prestigious moment right here!

“I am so honored to be receiving the People’s Choice Humanitarian Award. I think it sums me up perfectly as I am both a human and an itarian.”

mobilecause-outlook, text message alertsEllen Degeneres Humanitarian Award Winner at People’s Choice

Ellen Degeneres is proof that one person can make a difference. Her bravery to speak up and fundraise on behalf of causes that she is passionate about have resulted in over $50 million in contributions and priceless awareness.

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