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TechCrunch published an article by Sarah Perez on the resurrection of Mattel’s ThingMaker, which empowers kids to become their very own personal toymaker, and which, unlike it’s 1960s low-tech predecessor, will launch as a 3D printer that can be used to make homemade toys even on from a mobile phone. Sarah currently works as a writer for TechCrunch, a leading technology media source for information on startups, new Internet products, and breaking tech news.

Trending News | Sarah Perez | TechCrunch | 02/15/16


Mattel Unveils ThingMaker, A $300 3D Printer That Lets Kids Make Their Own Toys

Mattel revealed the new reboot of the Thingmaker product as part of its push into 3D printing. Thingmaker, best known for Creepy Crawlers, will now be able to design and print toys at home.

3D printing was still decades away when Mattel debuted ThingMaker in the 1960s. As a primitive “at-home maker device,” it let kids produce bug-like Creepy Crawlers, mini-dragons, flowers and other small toys by pouring liquid plastic onto special molds, which were then heated up and cooled.

Now Mattel is about to resurrect ThingMaker as a $299.99, family-friendly 21st Century3D printer. Mattel made the announcement in advance of the Toy Fair trade show kicking off here this weekend.

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Nonprofit-Insider-Bug Do-It-Yourself Personal Fundraisers Your Donors Can Set Up In Just Minutes

When you give people the ability to do things for themselves, they can do amazing things. Mattel counted on that in the 60s, when it released the first primitive version of ThingMaker and is banking on that same do-it-yourself idea today with the ThingMaker 3D modeler that’ll empower kids to make their own more advanced playthings from a tablet or mobile phone.

It’s easy to empower your donors to become personal fundraisers with a mobile-friendly, branded volunteer crowdfunding sign-up form your faith-based, education, healthcare and other charitable nonprofit organization can create in just a few minutes, along with a campaign keyword, shortcode, and shortlink to embed on your website and promote across all channels.

Your personal fundraisers will be able to easily create their own mobile-friendly crowdfunding page, which they can customize with a photo, personal message, and fundraising goal, and which they too can promote to their personal network of friends, family and colleagues via social media, email, and text. Every donation they collect (even if they don’t meet their goal) is directly deposited to your organization and donor data is captured in real-time so you can contact your supporters at a later time.

Summary: Empower your donors to become personal fundraisers for your cause with crowdfunding, which on average results in each volunteer raising $612 with 5 of 8 donors being new to your organization.

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