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Empower Supporters to Do More Good with Crowdfunding on Social Media

An article in Forbes Leadership by Ryan Scott looks at The Social Innovation and Global Ethics Forum (SIGEF), an international event held by Horyou, an action-oriented social network for good, which sometimes features social entrepreneurs who use crowdfunding on social media to fund their worthy causes. The event brings together nonprofit organizations, well-known speakers, social entrepreneurs and the general public to discuss critical social issues. Mr. Scott is the CEO of Causecast, which creates technology to connect companies and their employees with the causes they care about.

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Trending Article | Forbes | Ryan Scott | 02/22/2016

How Social Media Campaigns Like #GreatDoingGood Jumpstart Action

To build on the momentum of the SIGEF Event, Horyou.com – the social network for social good – has launched #GreatDoingGood, a website and campaign to support the social good promoted by the Horyou platform. The campaign has gathered dozens of testimonials from people across the world about why it’s great to do good, in an effort to inspire people across the world to engage in positive actions.

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Insider Outlook | Lindsey Newman | MobileCause Social Media Manager


Get Your Own Jumpstart on Doing More Good with Crowdfunding on Social Media

The 2015 SIGEF event focused on proposing effective solutions that would help shape better times to come. One such effective solution helping nonprofits to extend their reach and do more good is crowdfunding on social media, where your supporters drive donations for your cause through their peer to peer personal connections.

In no time, your organization can easily set up a branded, mobile-friendly crowdfunding campaign to promote across every communication and marketing channel including social. Crowdfunding on social media effectively extends your reach by exposing your campaign to anyone who follows your organization, and inspires them to make a difference by supporting your cause through donations or by signing up to become fundraisers on your organization’s behalf.

In just minutes, your new volunteer fundraisers can set up and customize their own personal crowdfunding page from any device, helping you cast an even wider net of exposure as they promote their page to their own their network of colleagues, friends and family. The dynamic effect of crowdfunding on social media, and its ability to increase your organization’s capacity to do good, is highly evident when you consider that 62% of people who will give through crowdfunding will be first-time donors to your organization.

Summary: Crowdfunding on social media will provide your organization the resources and support it needs to do more good through a network of volunteer fundraisers expanding your reach to their personal connections and raising on average $612 for your cause.

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