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Engage Volunteers with Mobile Marketing To Meet Last Minute Needs

Fox Insider News report on how infant interim-care programs like Spence-Chapin’s are facing an urgent need to engage volunteers willing to cuddle newborn babies onsite or at home for 2-4 weeks. Spence-Chapin is dedicated to finding adoptive homes for children who need families, promoting the understanding of adoption through counseling and public education, and improving adoption’s image and practice.

engage volunteers with mobile

Trending News | Fox News Insider | 02/18/2016


Wanted: Volunteers to Cuddle & Nurture Newborns at Adoption Agencies

Infants around the country need your cuddles and love!

Adoption agencies in many states are searching for temporary caregivers to nurture newborn babies as they await adoption.

The little bundles of joy need some TLC during the first few weeks of their life, and there is currently a shortage of volunteers.

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Insider Outlook | Danny Scalisi | MobileCause Founder

Know How to Meet Urgent Needs and Engage Volunteers? It’s Easy When You Use Mobile Marketing To Do It!

Beyond posting information on their websites, organizations like Spence-Chapin can easily engage volunteers for their baby-cuddling programs by implementing a mobile marketing strategy that allows them to easily send text messages to everyone in their database. Text messages to your constituents can include links to your videos, photos, social media posts, emails, newsletters, sign-up and registration forms and donation pages to keep them connected, informed and engaged.

Plus, given that mobile numbers typically account for 40-80% of the phone numbers in your database, this also makes sending text messages, which have a 98% open rate, a very effective way to engage volunteers, supporters, and donors and increase response rates for any urgent need your organization may be facing.

Summary: Unlike for-profit companies, which are prohibited from texting anyone unless they have first opt-ed in to receive mobile messaging, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, also known as TCPA, gives special permission nonprofit organizations to send text message updates to their constituents.

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