WSVN, Channel 7 News covered the emotional reunion of Isaac Avila, a Miami homeless man, with the family he hasn’t seen in 40 years thanks to the video he made with the help of Miracle Messages, an organization that shares recordings of homeless persons who are searching for loved ones on social media.

Local Homeless Man to Reunite with Family After Video Message

WSVN Channel 7 News | 02/10/2016

Chico, who said he used to work at the printer at The Miami Herald, has spent almost 10 years walking and living on the streets of Downtown Miami, blocks from where he used to work. Every Tuesday, he came to a spot in the shadow of the Adrienne Arsht Center for food and comfort.

It was there that Chico met Gaby. “There’s people out there that give a damn about little Mexican-Americans like me,” he said.

Gaby shot a video of Chico through Miracle Messages, a project of the nonprofit Netroots Foundation that helps homeless individuals record short videos to their long-lost loved ones, then delivers them to social media.

Create a Positive Impact By Engaging Donors with Video

Video is a powerful and impactful storytelling medium. Just ask Chico and his family, whose lives will be forever changed because of a single video that may lead to a family reunion event 40 years in the making. Your organization can create its own life-changing impact by following these 5 simple steps for effectively engaging donors with video at your next event.

Step 1 – Keep your video under 5 minutes, but make sure in that time you clearly let donors know what your organization is doing, why you’re doing it, and what you need them to do to help.

Step 2 – Seeing is believing, so share behind the scenes volunteer footage, beneficiary testimonials, and anything else that will demonstrate to donors the impact their gift can make to your cause.

Step 3 – End your video by asking for donations, but make it easy for donors to give with a text to donate event keyword and shortcode they can use to give to your cause. Instructions can be displayed on the screen and repeated by your presenters after the video is over.

Step 4 — Use an interactive fundraising thermometer onscreen to display pledges with donation amount, donor names (unless they want to remain anonymous) or personal messages motivating other event attendees to increase donations by 35%.

Step 5 — After your event, you can continue engaging donors with video by texting them a link to a thank you video and ongoing updates.

Summary: Engaging donors with video and a fundraising thermometer, which displays contributions on-screen creates and exciting moment of giving at events that can increase generosity by 35%.

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