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Covering the recent Social Media Week Chicago conference, Tyler Becker‘s article’s looks at the presentation given by Howard Tullman, CEO of 1871, a community of digital designers, engineers and entrepreneurs, about technology trends that will be impacting businesses around the world in the coming year. Social Media Week is a leading social media and technology news platform and conference. Mr. Becker is the Director of Content at Crowdcentric.

10 Technology Trends Radically Changing How Businesses Will Engage With Customers In 2016

engaging supporters

Tyler Becker | Social Media Week | 11/8/15

In the near future, the way businesses interact, engage, and sell to customers will be entirely different. The ground rules and the new ways of communicating with individuals will take the best of the best that exists today, learn from the failures, and make both sides happier along the way.

At Social Media Week Chicago, 1871’s CEO, Howard Tullman, presented 10 cultural trends and technological innovations that will impact businesses around the globe next year.


  1. Time is the Scarcest Resource of All
  2. The Consumer Wants Full Control
  3. Attention is the New Currency
  4. Context is More Important than Content
  5. A World of Constant Connectivity
  6. Messaging Trumps Email
  7. Search Is Changing, and So Are We
  8. Personal Data is the Oil of the Digital Age
  9. Access is More Important than Assets
  10. Video Content Continues to Dominate

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