Animal Care and Environmental Fundraising and Communication

Our goal is to strengthen animal care and environmental fundraising and communication for zoos, aquariums, conservation’s, societies, protections and centers.

environmental fundraising
MobileCause is all anyone’s been talking about. Already sent your website to someone from the event. It took about 3 minutes to raise $28K and everyone was cheering. My only regret is not setting the goal higher! But it was a great start and we’ll know what to do next year. Thanks for everything! Sara Deren

Manitou Experience

Dynamic Event Fundraising

Event thermometer increases donations 25%.

  • Donors are recognized in real time
  • Attendees work together to reach goal
  • Donor count inspires more people to give
  • $167 average event donation

View Example Event Thermometer

event fundraising for environment and animal causes

Comprehensive Online Giving

Donors give 38% larger gifts on branded donation pages.

  • Increase donation size & decrease abandons
  • Recurring gift options
  • Suggested gift amounts
  • Custom fields for data collection
  • Measure direct mail, email & social media ROI

View Example Online Giving Page

online giving for environmental fundraising

Crowdfunding for Nonprofits

The average individual raises $568 of which 4 out of 7 donors are new.

  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Easy volunteer setup
  • Average person raises $568
  • 4 out of 7 donors are new
peer to peer environmental fundraising
peer to peer environmental fundraising on social media

Text to Donate Keywords

Text donations for education fundraising allows people to give with a credit/debit card in 60 seconds.

  • Instant keyword setup
  • Donations remitted twice per month
  • Full donor information collected
  • $107 average donation
text to donate for environmental fundraising
mobile donation page for environmental fundraising

Mobile Communication and Alerts

People subscribe to receive ongoing messages by texting a keyword. You can also send messages to any person who has completed a donation.

  • Connect with supporters conveniently
  • Engage donors with videos and photos
  • 99% text message open rate
  • 90% of texts read within 3 minutes
  • Upload donor lists for mobile validation
Mobile Communication for Environmental Fundraising
Animal and Environmental fundraising examples are for demonstration purposes only and do not represent actual campaigns.

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This is a must read resource for environment and animal care organizations that desire to strengthen fundraising and communications.

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