Event Fundraising Tips

1 – Require a mobile number field on all RSVP forms.

This will enable you to upload your list of attendees into the MobileCause platform for event specific text messaging.


2 – Send a text message to all of your existing mobile subscribers with a link to your online RSVP page.

Don’t have mobile subscribers? You can easily upload a list of phone numbers from your CRM and MobileCause will validate your mobile numbers.

3 – Send a series of text messages to people who have registered to attend the event.

This will keep supporters engaged and ready to give leading up to the event.

Texts are the best way to send last minute day of event updates!

4 – Receive mobile donations and display them on a live thermometer.

Attendees can easily donate by texting a keyword and amount to a shortcode.

Tip: Send pre-event messages from shortcode 41444 if you would like for attendees to reply to give!

5 – Send a thank you text message with links to pictures and video highlights.

Tip: Send a unique event recap message to people who could not attend encouraging them to participate by making a reply to give donation.


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