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The NonProfit Times, the leading business publication for nonprofit management, presented twelve pieces of expert donor relationship advice from Ken Burnett that your organization can implement to build stronger connection with donors. Mr. Burnett is an author, lecturer and consultant on fundraising, marketing and communications for nonprofit organizations worldwide.

12 Ways to Relate to Donors

donor relationship advice

By The NonProfit Times | 9/12/15

Building a rapport with donors is like building any other relationship, creating a connection counts. In his book “The Zen of Fundraising,” Ken Burnett shares 12 considerations to make when attempting to relate to donors.

  1. Remember that first impressions count.
  2. The same two magic words your parents taught you work in fundraising as well.
  3. Define, offer and implement appropriate donor service.
  4. Road test your own and your competitors’ organizations.


Expert Donor Relationship Advice

Relationships are hard.  They’re also crucial to every aspect of life – including, nonprofit fundraising.  Ken Burnett’s donor relationship advice includes a dozen easy ways to form and improve the connection you have with your community of supporters.

Too many nonprofits make the mistake of only communicating with donors when they are looking for donations. Not ideal since nobody wants to feel like they only matter when someone needs something from them.  It is essential for nonprofits to provide an optimal and secure donor experience that builds the supporter / organization relationship beyond the ask.

MobileCause’s integrated mobile-first solutions not only puts your organization in the position to easily capture donations, share fundraising campaigns and manage data, we also help humanize your nonprofit with mobile messaging so you can engage your community in a valuable dialogue around your cause.

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