What Nonprofits Need to Know about Facebook Canvas

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Trending Article | Kristi Hines | Social Media Examiner | 03/02/2016

How to Use Facebook Canvas: What Marketers Need to Know

Have you heard of Facebook’s new mobile ad experience, Facebook Canvas?

Want to learn how to create Facebook Canvas ads?

Facebook Canvas lets marketers combine images, video, text, and call-to-action buttons in a single, fully immersive mobile ad experience.

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How Your Nonprofit Can Use Facebook Canvas

If you wanted to create more visually compelling posts and ads on Facebook, you are in luck because now you can with Facebook Canvas.

Your nonprofit can use more visuals than ever using a combination of videos, images and call-to-action buttons to tell your story. Educational, faith-based, healthcare and charitable nonprofit organizations can utilize Canvas to ask for donations, increase volunteer sign ups and event registrations all from a mobile device.

You can see what these look like on the official Facebook Canvas page. If you want to see how a potential donor on Facebook sees and interacts with Canvas on their mobile device go to their video demo page.

“Facebook says the early tests of Canvas have shown users actually want to stick around and experience the ads. 53% of users that open a Canvas view at least half of it, and the average view time is a stunning 31 seconds. The top Canvas ads can see more than 70 seconds of view time per user.” – TechCrunch

This is a great opportunity for your nonprofit to reach donors that can be captivated with your story and be eager to engage with your organization. Make sure that your call-to-action is effective and matches the form you are driving these visitors to.

TIP: You want to take these people straight to a form, not a landing page with the same information.

Those who see your orgs Canvas should get all the information they need to decide whether or not they want to donate, sign up or register for your next event. So taking them to a landing page with more text they have to scroll down could confuse them or irritate them enough for them to not follow through with the desired action. The attention span of a mobile user is also much shorter which stresses the importance of taking them straight from your Canvas to a form in the shortest amount of time possible.

Since Facebook Canvas is shown only on mobile devices you want to make sure that your donation form looks great on a mobile device. A non mobile friendly form will be certain to give these visitors a bad experience, leave your form and have a negative association with your organization.

TIP: Mobile friendly forms increase submissions 34% more than non-responsive forms.

Now that you have them on your form, security is important. Online donation and sign up form security is important to your potential donors and volunteers. If they do not see an https or security validation links they may feel that their information may be at risk.

Summary: Facebook and other social media channels are growing faster year after year. The majority of these people are on mobile devices. So you want to make sure that your website & online forms offer an awesome experience for your visitors or you may lose them forever.

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