In her latest article in Mashable, Samantha Murphy Kelly writes about Facebook’s efforts to raise money to support the Nepal Earthquake relief efforts. They included a donation link in their application and website where you can donate money to the International Medical Corps.  Samantha is the Deputy Tech Editor for Mashable.

Facebook to Match Your Donations to Nepal Earthquake Relief Efforts After Massive Quake


By Samantha Murphy Kelly| 04/28/2015 | Mashable

Facebook is urging its members to donate to the emergency response teams responding to the 7.8-magnitude earthquake that struck near Kathmandu, Nepal, over the weekend — and the social network will match contributions up to $2 million. Facebook has added a message at the top of the News Feed to encourage its members to donate funds to the International Medical Corps. Facebook’s matching funds will go toward local search and rescue organizations.

mobilecause-outlookOnline fundraising is a powerful strategy to raise a lot of money in a short amount of time when it is done right. Nepal recently had a devastating earthquake registering 7.8 magnitude that struck near Kathmandu. There are several emergency response teams traveling to Nepal to aide in the relief effort.

Facebook is encouraging it’s user base of over a billion users to donate online to the International Medical Corps.

A message and donation link appears at the top of your Facebook newsfeed so people can easily donate online from their phone or computer. Facebook plans to match their online fundraising efforts up to $2 million. These funds will go toward search and rescue organizations in Nepal. This disaster has claimed the lives of over 3600 people and the death toll is still rising according to the BBC. Donations will help deliver critical medical care and medicine to the regions hit the hardest. Moving forward it will help support survivors, restore healthcare and help Nepal rebuild.

International Medical Corps is encouraging supporters to become virtual volunteers.

Click here http://mcause.us/med or text MED to 71777 to become a volunteer and raise donations from your personal network of friends, family and colleagues.

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