In his article for The New York Times, Vindu Goel looks at Facebook’s newest update that gives it’s users the ability to customize what they want to see on their personal Facebook news feed. Goel is a Tech reporter for The New York Times covering all things social media.

Facebook Gives Users More Control Over Their News Feeds

By Vindu Goel | The New York Times | 7/09/15

On Thursday, Facebook announced a set of features that will give each person more control over what he or she wants to see. In essence, you get to reprogram the algorithm.

The most important new control allows you to tell Facebook that certain friends and pages — your spouse, your best friend, your child’s school, or hey, your favorite New York-based news organization — are so important to you that you want to see everything that they post. Facebook will then put those posts at the top of your feed.

Businesses on Facebook, which complain that very few of their fans actually see their posts in the news feed, will also get the chance to persuade those fans to add them to the “see first” list so they don’t miss a thing.


Gaining Control with The Facebook News Feed Update

We live in a world where technology allows us to take control of a great many things. Now social media is giving us control over how we receive news.

Snapchat lets users live in the moment through their Live section featuring real-time images. Twitter launched ‘Project Lightning’ to provide up-to-the-minute news on trends and events as they happen around the world. Now Facebook’s latest algorithm will makes it possible for users to personalize their news feed to control what they see and don’t see by telling Facebook what’s important to them.  This Facebook news feed update then shows those important posts at the top of the user’s feed.

Experiencing Life In The Moment

Many of those people who are rejoicing the Facebook news feed update are the same ones who support your nonprofit – donors, and who want to control how they interact with your organization.  To take advantage of this trend, you must provide supporters the ability to instantly act on their emotionally-charged impulse decision to donate to your cause.


A text-to-donate keyword sent to attendees via text message during an event generates a link to your mobile-responsive donation page allowing donors to control their donation experience, and give their support, right in the moment.  Your organization receives their donations and full donor information securely in real-time.

Facebook News Feed Update Makes Your Social Experience Even More Personal

The ability to tailor their news feed to their liking means that your donors Facebook experience will now be much a more personal one.

Your organization can provide your supporters a more personalized fundraising experience when you empower them with MobileCause crowdfunding.  Right from your website or by texting a keyword from their smartphones, supporters can set up their own crowdfunding page personalized with their own photo, donation goal and message.

facebook-news-feed-update, crowdfunding-customization

Your newly mobilized crowdfunders can then share their page via email, text and social media with their network of colleagues, friends and family to fundraise on your behalf.  Donations and full donor information from their crowdfunding pages are securely collected and sent to your organization in real-time.

On average, individuals crowdfunding can raise an average of $568 from family, friends and colleagues, so empower your supporters to take just a few minutes to set up their own customized crowdfunding pages from the convenience of their computers, tablets or smartphones.

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