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Facebook for Nonprofits Website Leaves a Lot to Be Desired

In a recent Nonprofit Quarterly article, Aine Creedon looks at how the new Facebook for Nonprofits website, is missing its mark to really help organizations better manage their Pages to raise awareness and funds for their cause. Instead, the website focuses almost exclusively on either basic, first-time use information for platform novices or details specific only to organizations already heavily advertising on the social network. Ms. Creedon is the Digital Publishing Coordinator at Nonprofit Quarterly and has extensive experience in social media, communications, and outreach in the nonprofit sector.

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Trending Article | Nonprofit Quarterly | Aine Creedon| 02/22/2016

Facebook Releases Underwhelming New Website for Nonprofits

Last week, Facebook launched a new website catering to nonprofit organizations that provides tips and tools on how nonprofits can successfully manage their Facebook Pages. The Facebook for Nonprofits website walks organizations through getting started on the social network, engaging with audiences, raising awareness, and fundraising strategies.

A few resources on this new site could be of use to nonprofits, such as browsing through Facebook’s featured success stories to get inspired or looking over tips on how to set up calls to action. But isn’t this tool being launched about a decade too late?

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Insider Outlook | Lindsey Newman | MobileCause Social Media Manager


Facebook for Nonprofits Website Falls Short of What Organizations Need to Succeed

92% of charities and nonprofits in the United States are already active on Facebook, so if your organization is like most, you won’t benefit much from the Facebook for Nonprofits website because you probably already have a Facebook page and are not likely in a position to allocate a significant portion of your budget to social media advertising.

Actual tools and strategies that can help you raise funds and awareness for your cause would be infinitely more useful to your organization. For example, instead of figuring out how to pay for a Facebook ad, your nonprofit would benefit more from knowing how easy it is to embed a donation form on your organization’s page, link the Donate Now button to a mobile-friendly form that can be accessed from any device, and promote a keyword and shortlink on photos and videos to engage supporters and motivate them to give.

Summary: Unlike the Facebook for Nonprofits website and its limited scope, MobileCause provides you a fully integrated fundraising and communication solution that easily integrates with your Facebook and other social media networks in creative and cost-effective ways to support and promote your organization’s charitable efforts.

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