Frequently Asked Questions

How much does each plan cost?

Please request pricing above to discuss your needs directly with a MobileCause representative. All MobileCause plans are made to scale with your organization’s unique fundraising and communication specifications.

Can platform services be separated?
No. MobileCause software is an all-in-one solution that works together to help organizations gain new donors, increase recurring gifts, and engage supporters throughout the year across campaigns and mobile, social, and online channels. However, you may choose to add on additional services to your respective plan to meet your organization’s needs.
What is the subscription term and requirements?
MobileCause provides 12-month annual subscriptions to nonprofit organizations of all sizes and segments.
What is the credit and debit card processing rate for donations and payments?
MobileCause offers a low 2.5% flat-rate credit card processing fee, including American Express, for all US payments. International rates may apply.
How does MobileCause pay the credit card processing fee?

If customer chooses and is approved for a merchant and payment services account, all funds will be directly deposited from payment processor into the designated customer bank account with credit card processing fees invoiced monthly. An application for setting up a no additional cost merchant account is included in your welcome package. Be advised, we recommend setting up a full merchant account with full Company name showing on the credit card statements as this reduces disputed charges from end user donors. As an option, a customer may choose a non-merchant account where MobileCause will be responsible for remitting to you all donations collected for your campaigns under an aggregated account showing “Donation” on End User credit card statements. These donations fulfilled by credit card will be paid out to you by check, less applicable fees including the Processing Fees, twice per month for the periods of the 1st to 15th day and 16th to 30th day of the month (each, a “Donation Period”).   MobileCause will retain a processing fee (the “Processing Fee”) of 2.5% of all donations to you. Three business days are required for processing at the close of each Donation Period

What are the transaction fees for donations and payments?
MobileCause does not charge transaction fees. This ensures that 100% of the money you collect after processing goes directly to your cause.
Can I send messages to my existing donors?
Absolutely! MobileCause provides multiple options for subscribing your existing list of mobile numbers. TCPA gives special permission to nonprofit organizations to send text messages to existing supporters, and existing donor data can be uploaded within the MobileCause platform.





Will my donors receive tax receipts?
Yes. MobileCause customers have the option to turn on email and text message donation receipts within the MobileCause platform. Additionally, your donors will receive a gift confirmation message right on screen after completing a donation.
Will MobileCause integrate with my CRM?
Yes. All donation, subscription, and donor data can be exported in a CSV file for CRM integration.





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MobileCause plans are tailored for nonprofits of any size and segment, to strengthen all types of fundraising campaigns.

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