Laura Klairmont, Associate Producer at CNN, wrote about Corinne Cannon and DC Diaper Bank‘s mission to provide diapers to low-income families from Anderson Cooper’s upcoming 2015 Top 10 CNN Heroes TV special. CNN is a leading source for the latest breaking news and information on the top stories and news.

Food stamps don’t buy diapers, so one mom found this solution

DC Diaper Bank

By Laura Klairmont | CNN | 9/10/15

Nearly 30% of parents in the United States cannot afford diapers, which can cost up to $100 every month per baby. And it is an expense not covered by food stamps.

“I thought how impossible it would be, on top of having the stress of a newborn, if you are wondering where your baby’s next diaper is coming from,” Cannon said.

But for Cannon, the work is about more than giving away diapers.

“We’re using diapers as a way to bring families in the door, to have them engage with social services for their other needs,” said Cannon, whose group partners with other local nonprofits that help families.

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DC Diaper Bank Has Families with Babies Covered

Corinne Cannon founded the DC Diaper Bank after the eye-opening realization that came from her own experience with her infant son. Diapers are expensive, especially for new moms of low-income households. In addition to all the concerns that come from having to care for their newborns, these women also had to cope with the added stress of not being able to afford clean diapers for them. Cannon created DC Diaper Bank, a resource to get the much-needed necessity to low-income families because you can’t buy diapers with food stamps.

Knowing What Needs To Fill 

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