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A GlobalGrind.com post looked at the personal crowdfunding campaign and donations made by rapper Big Sean through his Sean Anderson Foundation in response to the Flint Michigan water crisis. Global Grind provides a platform for an active, multicultural audience to consume and interact with compelling content and unique digital experiences. Post author, AC is a multimedia personality and managing editor of content, social media & digital programming for Radio One stations.

Big Sean Launches #HealFlintKids Fundraiser, Donates $10,000 In Response To Flint Water Crisis

Flint Michigan water crisisImage courtesy of Linda Parton / Shutterstock.com

AC | GlobalGrind.com | 1/25/16

Big Sean is helping out Michigan in a big way.

His Detroit non-profit, the Sean Anderson Foundation (SAF), announced today it has partnered with CrowdRise to launch the #HEALFLINTKIDS campaign to help families with kids who have been exposed to toxic water in Flint. Together they have created a viral fundraiser to raise money for the Community Foundation of Greater Flint Michigan (CFOGFM). To jumpstart the campaign, Sean has made a personal donation of $10,000, which will benefit CFOGFM’s “Flint Child Health & Development Fund.”

mobilecause-outlook,fundraising emergenciesCrowdfunding Campaigns Can Expedite Donations When You Need Them Most

Big Sean is only one of the celebrities who, motivated to help those affected by the Flint Michigan water crisis, have set up personal crowdfunding pages to respond quickly to the city in need.

31% of all donations received online are made using crowdfunding for nonprofits making it a very effective way for your organization to also quickly respond to any sudden need. whether it’s a life-threatening state of emergency or an everyday financial need that catches your organization by surprise but requires immediate action.

You can empower supporters, staff, and volunteers to set up their own custom fundraising pages in only minutes so they can collect donations on your behalf drawing on the strength of their own social networks with any donations they collect, along with all donor data that are captured securely for your organization in real-time.

The average crowdfunder can raise $612 with crowdfunding for nonprofits campaigns that can be easily promoted by text, email, social media, direct mail, and in-person.

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