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Writing for Mashable, Sandra Gonzalez interviews Mystery Science Theater 3000 host, Joel Hodgson, about what he’s going to do next after successfully crowdfunding the money needed to produce new episodes of his show.  Ms. Gonzalez is the Senior Television Reporter at Mashable and was previously a writer with Entertainment Weekly.

‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ is officially coming back, but there’s still work to do

Mashable | Sandra Gonzalez | 11/17/15

LOS ANGELES — One week after Mystery Science Theater 3000 host Joel Hodgson launched an effort to bring back the show via Kickstarter, fans have answered his call and raised more than $2 million that will fund three new episodes of the show.

But there’s still work to do, says the former host.

In an exclusive interview with Mashable, Hodgson opens up about reaching that first goal and talks about what comes next.


Following Up With Donors Can Improve Engagement and Future Donations

Joel Hodgson, Mystery Science Theatre 3000 host, will be following up with donors that raised over $2 Million dollars to hit their first fundraising goal, by thanking them and asking them to keep circulating the crowdfunding url until they reach their full goal of $5.5 Million.

It’s no mystery that you should nurture donor relationships by keeping them informed and engaged with regular follow-up outreach. Text messages are a great for following up with donors to thank them, and send them updates about your work and the impact their donation has made. A link to a custom survey form can also be sent by text or email so they can provide feedback and to collect useful information that can be applied to help improve your mobile fundraising campaigns and facilitate repeat giving.

Text messages have a 99% open rate with 90% of them, opened within the first three minutes. For an even bigger impact, schedule them with social media posts, email and direct mail campaigns to increase response.

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