The Huffington Post featured an article by the Associated Press about the Lexington, KY Food for Fines program that highlights the benefits of community outreach and alternative giving options with a unique approach to meeting the needs of a nonprofit within their own community.



City Lets People Pay Parking Tickets With Canned Food Donations

food for fines

Huffington Post | Associated Press | 11/13/15

Parking tickets can be paid with donations of canned food instead of cash during a monthlong “Food for Fines” program in Lexington, Kentucky.

“One expired parking meter ticket could mean two meals for hungry Fayette County families,” God’s Pantry CEO Marian Guinn said.


Food for Fines: Community Outreach For Alternative Donations Is Successful

Donations are not always about monetary gain for many nonprofits.

God’s Pantry Food Bank has found a unique way to reach out to the community for help fulfilling their biggest donation need – canned goods. They partnered with the Lexington Police Department to offer credit towards parking violation fines in exchange for cans of food donated during the drive. Last year’s success prompted a repeat of the program this year.

Mobile Alternative Giving Solutions

In conjunction with canned food drive, the food pantry could have used PCI-compliant, mobile-friendly donation forms to provide those with citations an alternative way to give and receive credit. The donation form could even be customized to capture citation numbers for reference. More importantly, it would provide the organization an effective way to receive donations to cover future food deficits.

Your organization can take advantage of alternative giving options right now! Set up mobile-friendly registration and sign-up forms to make it easy for your supporters to volunteer during the giving season or pledge their time to help in the future. Custom field options, allow you to easily capture their areas of interest/expertise – giving you the ability to maximize their skill set to better serve your cause.

Secure mobile forms can be  embedded on your site or shared via TCPA-compliant text messages, email, and social media.

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