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Fundraising Event Infographic

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Event Fundraising Infographic

Increase donations and gain new donors with mobile fundraising at events. Real-time recognition inspires attendees to conveniently give in the moment.


Pull Out Your Cell Phones

Mobile donations that are dynamically displayed on-screen create an exciting moment of giving that increases how much people give by 25%. Attendees on their smartphones can easily fulfill gifts.


How it Works

Attendees make donations in seconds from the convenience of their mobile phone.

1—Event attendee texts a keyword followed by a donation amount and message to 41444.

2—Donation amount and message appear on-screen in real-time. The thermometer raises towards goal while total raised and donor count update.

3—Donors immediately receive a text message reply with link to fulfill their gift with a debit/credit card.

4—After clicking the link donors enter their credit/debit card number on a mobile-friendly donation form.

5—After completing donations donors can receive an immediate tax receipt via text or email with link to PDF copy.

Donors who do not click the link to fulfill their gift receive three text message reminders. Representatives from your staff can also make follow up calls to collect unfulfilled donations.


3 Step Easy Setup

In 30 minutes your organization can setup a dynamic event fundraising campaign.

Select keyword: Keywords should be branded for your organization, easy to type and hard to misspell.

Customize thermometer: Thermometer background and logo should reinforce the intention of the gift.

Setup donation form: Donation form should be branded for your event with custom fields and options.


Best Practices for Mobile Fundraising

Each strategy in event fundraising infographic incrementally increases mobile donations.

Require mobile number on your rsvp form: Send pre-event text message reminders to increases attendance and get donors accustomed with mobile.

Promote an event match: Include in your call to action that donations made at the event will be matched.

Promote recurring gifts: Include in your call to action and instructions to setup monthly, quarterly or annual gifts.

Send post-event videos and highlights: Send text messages to attendees with links to youtube thank you videos and social media photos.

Do not discourage people from handing you checks and cash! These donations should be entered manually, along with offline donations, to ensure you reach the on-screen event goal.


It’s All About Your Call to Action

An effective call to action is paramount to event fundraising success. A well rehearsed and well timed ask will yield maximum donations.

7) Make your call to action at the climax of your event
6) Speaker is prepped to show the audience how to make a donation that will appear on-screen
5) Fundraising thermometeris ready to be displayed
4) Program shows the good you are accomplishing
3) Meet and greet, food and entertainment
2) Collect rsvp’s from supporters
1) Promote your event everywhere

Plan each component of your event with your call to action in mind.


Bonus: Utilize a Swiper

Give donors the option to fulfill their event gift by swiping their credit/debit card with a representative from your organization. Swipers are compatible with iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

Empower Advocates and Gain More Donors Starting Today

Event Fundraising Webinar

Empower Advocates and Gain More Donors Starting Today

Step By Step Dynamic Event Fundraising Setup Guide

In this ebook you will learn everything you need to know to ensure fundraising success at your upcoming event.
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