Fundraising ideas for veterans: The month of Veterans Day is a time to think about giving back to those who risked their lives for their country. The most recent generation of veterans saw combat in Afghanistan and Iraq, and many of them face difficulty when they return to the U.S. They may have a harder time finding jobs despite having relevant skills, deal with post traumatic stress disorder and veterans experience higher rates of homelessness than other groups, according to The Fresno Bee. Veteran homelessness is a huge issue in many cities. In Fresno, California, there are approximately 400 homeless vets, The Bee said. The total numbers around the country may be as high as 50,000.

It’s important to prepare for the future as more troops return from Afghanistan. In particular, the VA needs to consider services for women and minority veterans because these demographics often have an even harder time when they return from combat. The Rasmussen Infographic below nicely displays the current status of Veterans in America.

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More Fundraising Ideas for Veterans are Needed

Access to health care and mental health services is only one aspect of the complex issues facing veterans. Returning servicemen and women need help finding jobs so they can assimilate back into civilian life more quickly. Unfortunately, some of the stigmas around mental health have been detrimental to vets’ reputations.

In honor of Veterans Day, several companies and nonprofits teamed up in Portland, Oregon, to help veterans get off the streets, local NBC affiliate KGW reported. The goal was to find shelter for 100 vets, but the groups were able to exceed it and helped 139 people. One woman served overseas, spent some time in a psych ward when she returned and was kicked out of a Portland shelter because of her ongoing mental health issues.

This situation can be incredibly frustrating for veterans because they risk their lives to serve and then can’t get the care they need when they return. This can alienate them from society. Psychological issues and drug addiction can prevent veterans from being able to find safe, permanent housing, the article said.

See text to donate campaign below for Veterans Matter.

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Peer to Peer Fundraising Ideas for Veterans

Portland’s efforts to help homeless veterans show that a little bit of collaboration can go a long way toward helping those who need it the most. Grassroots ideas for different ways to help vets can make a big difference. Whether you have an idea or are working with a specific organization, peer to peer fundraising is a great way to attract more attention to this important issue. Independent fundraisers can set up their own pages to raise donations for an organization, which have a number of customizable options. Fundraisers can share the link to their individual pages with friends and family members on social media, through email or text messages. Others can then make mobile contributions, which are easy to collect and have a lower processing fee than other channels. Veterans make huge sacrifices to serve their country, so it’s important to give back to them to make sure they get the care they need.

fundraising ideas for veterans peer to peer fundraising
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