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fundraising ideas infographic

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Fundraising Ideas Infographic for Forward Thinking Nonprofits



Peer to Peer Fundraising

Fundraising Ideas Infographic – Empower volunteers to create personal fundraising pages in minutes from a smartphone.

  • $568 is the average amount raised by each volunteer

IDEA: Empower volunteers to use personal fundraising pages to raise donations for an upcoming campaign.

  • $66 is the average amount donated to a volunteer

IDEA: Ensure donation links are mobile friendly so people can easily give from their smartphone.

  • 8 people on average make donations to volunteers

IDEA: Challenge your volunteers to ask for donations from 8 friends and family.

  • 5 of 8 people who give to volunteers are new to organizations

IDEA: Make a plan to gain new young donors through peer to peer fundraising.



Comprehensive Online Giving

Fundraising Ideas Infographic – Replace generic website pages with campaign specific donation pages that are mobile integrated.

  • $139 is the average amount donated on a website

IDEA: Be strategic about your online giving strategy for PC, tablet and smartphone users.

  • $220 is the average amount donated per year by people who setup recurring gifts

IDEA: Convert a percentage of your donors to monthly, quarterly or annual gifts.

  • 38% larger gifts are made on branded donation pages when compared to generic donation pages.

IDEA: Created branded donation pages for each campaign to reinforce the importance of gifts.

  • 100% of donor information is secure on PCI compliant pages

IDEA: Ensure that security logos are visible on all donation pages.



Dynamic Event Fundraising

Fundraising Ideas Infographic – Implement real time donation recognition and automated fulfillment and follow ups for you next event.

  • $167 average event donation when real time results are displayed on-screen

IDEA: Create a fundraising thermometer for your upcoming event.

  • 25% increase in event donations when participants are recognized

IDEA: Prepare a mobile call to action and display live donation results on screen.

  • 100% of participants receive a personal thank you video after the event.

IDEA: Record a 60 second personal video thanking attendees for donations and reminding them of the good accomplished at the event. Send a text with link to video the day following the event.

  • 100% of participants can receive ongoing communications

IDEA: Make a plan to send ongoing mobile messages with links to photos and videos to keep event participants passionate and engaged.



Text to Donate Keywords

Fundraising Ideas Infographic – Promote your keyword as the most convenient way to make a first-time credit or debit card donation.

  • $107 is the average size mobile donation

IDEA: Capture impulse donations and gain new donors.

  • 10 minutes to setup a keyword

IDEA: Select a keyword with less than 7 letters that is easy to type and hard to misspell.

  • 100% of US cell phone carriers support

IDEA: Empower every US resident with a cell phone to make a text donation of any amount.

  • 100% of US nonprofit organizations qualify

IDEA: Start receiving mobile donations from new donors.



Mobile Marketing Engagement

Fundraising Ideas Infographic – Strengthen all communication channels with corresponding text messages that are impossible to ignore.

  • 99% of text messages are read

IDEA: Send regular pictures and videos of the good being accomplished by your organization.

  • 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes

IDEA: Send text messages with time sensitive updates, reminders and opportunities.

  • 51% of emails are opened on a mobile phone

IDEA: Send text messages with links to email blasts to increase read and response rates.

  • 65% of social media activity happens on a mobile phone

IDEA: Send text messages with links to social media pages to increase followers and likes.



Smart Data Records

Fundraising Ideas Infographic – Build your database of mobile numbers.

  • 91% of US adults have a mobile phone number
  • 74% have a smartphone

IDEA: Upload your entire phone number database of previous donors, supporters, volunteers and staff to validate which numbers are mobile and can receive texts.

  • 41% of US residents no longer have a landline

IDEA: Add mobile number as a required field everywhere you capture data.

  • 14% of US residents change their mailing address each year

IDEA: Update your records with custom fields on donation pages.

  • Think Differently About Direct Mail

IDEA: Use keywords and shortlinks to empower direct mail recipients to make donations with a credit or debit card on their smartphone. Accurately measure click through rates and return on investment.

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