Fundraising Lunch

Success Stories: Habitat for Humanity Greater Albuquerque and Salvation Army Boise

Greater Albuquerque Habitat for Humanity and Salvation Army Boise recently held record setting fundraising lunch events with donation results displayed live on-screen.

Effective Fundraising

Fundraising luncheons are an excellent way to supplement traditional fundraising. Low overhead and time required for planning make these events especially effective for gaining new donors throughout the year.

Real-Time Donations Displayed On-Screen

At the most emotional moment of the fundraising lunch guests are encouraged to pull out their cell phones to make a financial pledge. Donor names or messages and amounts are displayed on-screen in real-time creating an exciting moment of giving.

Big Results:


Habitat for Humanity Greater Albuquerque Fundraising Lunch
175 attendees – 90+ pledges – $16,000 raised




Salvation Army Boise Fundraising Lunch
250 attendees – 90+ donations – $30,000 raised (mobile donations and checks)
99% of pledges fulfilled in 24-hrs



Customer Quote

“Thank you for your help! It worked. People loved watching the thermometer rise. We raised $16,000 in 25 minutes. Our goal was $10,000.” – Habitat for Humanity representative

Attendee Quote

“Oh my gosh, that was the most exciting event I’ve ever been to. Do people always raise that much money in one hour? Usually we just give them our check and we never know!” – Salvation Army fundraising lunch attendee
By Kelley Spada, Sr Customer Success Manager

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