Neil Patel, entrepreneur, angel investor, and analytics expert best known for his work in digital marketing, reviewed other companies’ profitable success over social channels and documented his own experiment in generating revenue from social media networks. He published his journey to $332,640 worth of success in a post on QuickSprout, Patel’s own content marketing company website.

How I Generated $332,640 in 3 Months From Instagram

fundraising on social media

By Neil Patel | Quicksprout | 9/21/15

Who would have ever thought that you could get a direct ROI from social media? But hey, if there wasn’t potential…companies such as Facebook wouldn’t be worth 200 billion dollars.

The trick I’ve learned is that you have to find popular social profiles that aren’t monetizing but are willing to promote your products and services for a quick buck.

Dan’s girlfriend, Jessica Killings, was able to recruit a lot of famous rappers, singers, athletes, and Instagram models to promote the product. She got multiple accounts to post about Uwheels right when the product first came out.

mobilecause-outlook,Fundraising on Social Media

Fundraising on Social Media

Like Dan’s girlfriend in the example of Uwheels, your organization can leverage your own social networking channels, as well as the networks of your supporters, to recruit influential brand partners and people year-round who will passionately promote your nonprofit when it comes time to launch your crowdfunding or fundraising campaign.

Use suggested giving levels to encourage higher donation amounts, fundraising goals to motivate your supporters to help you reach the target, and deadlines to motivate them to give with urgency – all in exchange for low-cost, but desireable items and experiences.

For example, the first 10 people to crowdfund $500 in the first week of your campaign get an invitation to an exclusive ‘Gratitude pre-Gala Party’ and a ticket to the annual fundraising gala.

Customize your MobileCause donation form with images of the gifts and suggested giving level descriptions with details about the impact that reaching each level will make to your cause. 

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