Fundraising Software Pricing

How to determine the right pricing model for your organization

With MobileCause, donations and donor data are collected in real-time with a low 2.5% credit card processing fee (including AMEX) and zero transaction fees. Simply select the type of campaigns you need and we’ll create a pricing package that works best for you.On average, our customers spent .08 cents for every $1 dollar they raised on our platform last year.

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Fundraising Software Pricing

Find out your cost of fundraising

Simply enter in your annual fundraising goal, the estimated number of donations and average gift size to determine how much money will go directly to your cause.

MobileCause Packages

We make it easy to determine the right package for your fundraising and donor engagement needs. All you need to consider is:

1. The number of events/campaigns you’re planning for the year

2. The type of events or campaigns you’re planning for the year


No credit card processing charges on fundraising up to $10,000′ with the purchase of a standard pricing package. Request Pricing.

Event Fundraising software package

Event Package

We boost participation and donations before, during and after your events.

Crowdfunding software package

Crowdfunding Package

We help you multiply your reach and engage your supporters to fundraise on your behalf, as well as inspire new donors.

Year End Giving software package

Year-end Giving Package

Make the most of your year-end appeal and let us start planning sooner with you.

Membership software package

Membership Package

Engage members who demonstrate increasing commitment and inspire them to give major gifts over time.

Direct Mail Fundraising software package

Dynamic Direct Mail Package

Digitize your direct mail campaign to measure impact and refine messaging in a more timely manner.

Year Round software package

Year-Round Giving Package

Create fundraising opportunities for your supporters throughout the entire year without burning them out.

Recurring giving software package

Recurring Giving Package

Throughout the year, we help you build a community of donors that give on a regular basis.

Digital Fundraising software package

Digital Fundraising & Communications Package

With a multichannel strategy, digital fundraising gives your supporters more choice on how and when to give.

Gala fundraising package

Complete Gala Package

We create memorable event experiences with an online auction and promotional strategies before, during and after your event.

Complete fundraising software package

Complete Giving Package

We partner closely with you to tell your story, demonstrate your impact and achieve your fundraising goals throughout the year.

Messaging Package

Engage your supporters via mobile and online marketing channels.

The Fine Print: Digital Fundraising Software Hidden Costs

1. Set-up Fees:

Paid once in addition to the package or plan cost. What the vendor actually sets up varies widely, and many charge additional fees for each moving part – check to see if it’ll cover everything you need.

The MobileCause Way: Our platform can be set-up quickly and requires no additional set-up fees.

2. Transaction Fees:

These fees are based on the number of donations received as a percentage of each donation, a flat fee per donation, or both. For example, 3% plus $0.40 per donation means $3.40 would be deducted from every donation. These are in addition to the credit card processing fees.

The MobileCause Way: We believe that 100% of the donations should go directly to your cause, so we don’t charge any transaction fees.

3. Merchant Account Fees:

If you are using a merchant account of your own, there may be additional fees paid to the merchant account provider. These are typically more transaction fees, and may include monthly fees or “statement fees.”

The MobileCause Way: We offer a low-cost merchant account that is easy to set-up and includes a free credit card swiper ($75 dollar value).

4. Gateway Fee:

If you are using your own merchant account, you may need to pay an additional monthly fee to an internet gateway provider. Gateway provider fees are typically included in the vendor’s or the merchant account’s fees.

The MobileCause Way: If you choose to use your own merchant account, we have an open API structure to integrate your account with our platform and do not charge any gateway fees.

5. Monthly or Annual Fees:

Think of these as the “rent” for the system in addition to the initial cost.

The MobileCause Way: Our annual subscription cost varies depending on how many events or campaigns you want to run in a 12-month period. It includes access to:

  • Full Merchant Account: 2.5% processing (includes AMEX); $0 transaction fees
  • Online Giving Pages (Website, Email, Social Media, Mobile, Direct Mail Landing Pages)
  • Online Forms (RSVP, Ticketing, Memberships, Volunteer Sign-ups, Surveys, Payment Forms, Petitions)
  • Campaign and event thermometer
  • Mobile Communications (SMS Text)
  • Mobile Number Verification
  • JumpStart Onboarding Session
  • Customer Support (email, phone, web)
  • MobileCause Academy (training)

6. AMEX Fee:

Usually an extra fee, typically 1% higher than Visa or MasterCard.

The MobileCause Way: We don’t charge higher credit card processing fees for American Express. All credit card processing is a flat 2.5% fee that we have uniquely negotiated with the credit card providers, so you keep more money for your cause.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use fundraising software?

More and more donors are requiring more options to learn about an organization, understand the impact its making and offering a variety of ways to get involved and donate. There’s no better way than digital channels to bring your cause closer to those who care to make a difference. We don’t advocate for one channel over the other, but rather, bring a multi-channel approach to your donors, so they can learn more about you.

How quickly can I receive my donations?

Unlike other fundraising software providers, MobileCause deposits your donations into your organizations’ bank account (via ACH) within 48 hours of a completed transaction.

How do you guarantee the security of my donor’s data?

We place the highest level of importance on the security of your donor’s information. Therefore, we are one of the few fundraising software providers that has passed PCI DSS level 1 security standard – the stringiest industry standard.

What type of services and support is included in an annual pricing plan?

We know fundraising isn’t easy and can be even more challenging when you don’t have enough resources to help! This is why we offer a full service Digital Marketing Services team that can help you create and implement your campaigns throughout the year. Don’t need ‘hands-on’ support, we also assign a knowledgeable Customer Success Manager to your account, so you can also call, text or email them with any questions or support needs.

Can donor’s pay the processing fees?

Yes! In fact, an average of 75% of our customers’ donors’ pay the 2.5% credit card processing fees when donating. This is a great way to raise the most money that goes directly to your cause.

Can MobileCause integrate with my CRM or designated payment processor?

We make it easy to push collected data to your existing CRM and payment processor. Our platform’s open API structure allows it to integrate with many CRMs and payment processor. For a list of current APIs, check it out here

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