Fundraising Software: The 2018 Buyer’s Guide for Nonprofits

How to determine the right features for your organization

We put together the nonprofit software essentials your organization needs to know before purchasing fundraising software.

If you want to see the best features a fundraising software should have, then you’ll LOVE this guide.

Whether you are a charity, church, university, nonprofit organization, political group, socially responsible corporation, or philanthropist, there are many benefits that a fundraising software has to offer.

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Fundraising Software

Fundraising Software Benefits include:   

  • Acquiring new donors
  • Increase in giving
  • Increase in recurring gifts
  • Reduction in overhead
  • Lower fundraising costs
  • Engaging donors
  • And more…

The best part?

All of the features in this guide are 100% obtainable.

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What Is Fundraising Software?

For many organizations, fundraising software is a major component in making it as easy as possible to donate to your cause. It streamlines the fundraising process so that you can raise more money in less time, allowing you to focus on the impact of your organization.

The best fundraising software enables nonprofit organizations of any size strengthen their campaigns across any channel. Online giving, crowdfunding, event fundraising and mobile communication are just some of the essential features a fundraising software should include.

Why You Should Use Fundraising Software?

Fundraising software can bring success to small or large organizations alike.

If you’re reading this guide, chances are you are either a nonprofit professional or someone looking to raise money for a good cause who understands the importance of fundraising software today.

You ‘get’ the traditional fundraising methods and how they are becoming less effective and expensive. You know that by neglecting to implement nonprofit software technology, you’re missing out on the amazing results it can bring.

Types of Fundraising Software

See how you can engage donors with different types of fundraising software:

Event Software   Donation Software   Peer to Peer Fundraising Software   Membership Software

Event Software for Nonprofits

Event fundraising doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it can be pretty easy—especially if you’re using the right technology. No matter what type of event you’re hosting, event fundraising software will provide key cross-channel promotional strategies to help you maximize attendance and participation to set your organization up for success. This can be applied to virtually any event—everything from runs, walks, and rides, to galas, golf tournaments, and more.

Must Have Features:

Event Registration Software

Event Registration Software

Here’s the most important part: getting your invitees to become attendees! Event registration forms need to be easy to fill out, but should capture all the information needed by your organization to stay in touch with supporters both before and after the event. Learn More

Event Ticketing Software

Event Ticketing

Using online forms to sell tickets to your event is convenient for the supporter and nonprofit. They should be fully customizable to match the branding and all the information you need for your fundraising event. Learn More

Fundraising Event Thermometer

Fundraising Event Thermometer

Creating a moment of excitement to be displayed live at your event! A fundraising thermometer inspires attendees to donate during the most compelling part of your event. Learn More

Mobile Pledging

Mobile Pledging

Empower people to make a pledge to your organization using their mobile phone. At an event your donors can easily pledge with just a few taps toward your goal without leaving their seat. Like a paddle raiser using today’s technology. Learn More

Event Donation Forms

Event Donation Forms

Easily collect donations at your event with mobile-friendly donation forms. This makes it easy for attendees to give and even pay for auction items or food as well. Learn More

Event Follow Up

Event Follow Up

The ability to automate your follow up with supporters is on of the important things you can do to improve donor retention and increase future donations. This shows your attendees how grateful you are for their participation, reinforcing their positive experience. Learn More

Nonprofit Donation Software

In order for nonprofits to increase their giving they need their to donation process to be fast, simple and secure.

The easier it is to donate, the more donations a nonprofit will receive. Empowering your supporters with the power to donate anytime, anywhere, from any device will make a significant impact on the success of your nonprofit.

Must Have Features:

Mobile Friendly Donation Forms

Mobile Friendly Donation Forms

Donation forms that are mobile-friendly receive 38% more gifts due to the fact that a growing number of people are donating from mobile devices. These donation forms can be embedded on your website or linked directly from a donation button. Learn More

Mobile Friendly Donation Pages

Customizable Donation Pages

A nonprofit’s brand, logo, colors are important for the donation process by giving your donors a seamless experience. Adding different fields to capture more information about your donors could make a significant impact on the effectiveness of your campaign. Learn More

Recurring Donation Software

Recurring Donations

Enabling recurring donations on your forms or pages is an easy way to increase dependable revenue for your nonprofit. Annually recurring donors give 2x as much as one-time givers. Learn More

Secure Donation Processing

Secure Donation Processing

Your donors are becoming wary of their information getting into the wrong hands. These days keeping your donors’ information secure is paramount and a secure donation form gives your supporters piece of mind. Learn More

Automatic Donation Receipt Software

Automatic Donation Receipts

Every time a supporter makes a donation they should receive a tax receipt either by email or text message. It should include a thank you message along with your logo, social media links and upcoming campaigns. Automatic tax receipts save your nonprofit a lot of time. Learn More

Expired Credit Card Alert Software

Expired Credit Card Alerts

The credit cards of your recurring donors expire every month and can leave your organization in a tight spot. Simple automatic text alerts are an easy way to ask your donors to update their card information. Learn More

Peer to Peer Fundraising Software

Nonprofits can get a huge boost in revenue from peer to peer fundraising software by giving your supporters the power to collect donations from their family and friends.

This is the best way for your nonprofit to gain new donors to peer to peer campaigns as 5 out of 8 donors are new. These campaigns are easily shared and have the potential to go viral like the famous ice bucket challenge.

Must Have Features:

Volunteer Sign Up Form Software

Sign Up Volunteer Fundraisers

Get your supporters engaged by driving them to your fundraising pages where they can sign up to become a volunteer fundraiser. Here they create a page of their own to fundraise on your behalf. Learn More

Peer to Peer Fundraising Software

Turn Donors Into Fundraisers

Every time a person donates to your campaign page or your supporters page they have the option to become a fundraiser for your campaign. This makes it easier than ever to reach your campaign goal and increase your network of fundraisers. Learn More

Social Fundraising Software

Easily Share Your Campaign

Every one of your campaign’s fundraisers gets their own keyword and shortlink to promote to their friends and family. They can share this across all channels including email and social media. Learn More

Team Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Software

Fundraising Teams are a Win-Win

Work together and collect more donations to reach your campaign goal. Apply teams to your peer to peer fundraising while still empowering supporters to raise money on your behalf. Each team’s contributions are added to the total amount raised on the main campaign page. Learn More

Nonprofit Membership Software

The way you increase memberships for your nonprofit is using forms. This has been done for many years using pen and paper but now you can do this all online using membership software for nonprofits.

Now you have the power to make membership signups faster and easier than ever using online membership forms that can be accessed from anywhere on any device.

Must Have Features:

Membership Form Software

Mobile Friendly Membership Forms

Turning your supporters into members has never been easier. Membership software provides online forms where supporters can select their level of commitment and pay for their membership whether it be monthly or annually. Learn More

membership automation software

Automate the Membership Process

Save time by automatically sending tax receipts and payment notifications to your members. These notifications can be sent in email and/or text messages. Learn More

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