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MobileCause Fundraising Stats

MobileCause fundraising and nonprofit industry statistics and trends to help your organization create and manage successful giving campaigns

Online Giving

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average online donation amount

Average online donation amount increased 5% year-over-year


average donation total for recurring donors

Donors who setup recurring gifts donate almost three times as much annually as those who give one-time gifts


of total raised was donated through a website

Donors are increasingly comfortable donating online and are increasing the amount donated online


secure donations made from any device

MobileCause is PCI DSS Level 1 Certified to ensure 100% donor data security for all online forms

Over 40 million donors on the MobileCause fundraising platform

Source: MobileCause annual data year-ending 2020.

Event Fundraising

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average text-to-donate gift

Text-to-donate allows for easy giving anywhere, anytime and from any device.


increase in giving with fundraising thermometer

Recognizing donors and displaying total raised in real-time inspires more in-the-moment giving


average mobile pledge fulfillment rate

Mobile pledge fulfillment is high when donors receive 3 automated text message reminders


donors sent a thank you message

All donors receive an automatic text message thank you and email acknowledgement with tax receipt

Source: MobileCause annual data year-ending 2020.

Crowdfunding and Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

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average amount raised by volunteer fundraisers

Creating a team of fundraisers from your supporters is an effective strategy for bringing in additional revenue


average peer-to-peer donation amount

People are supportive of peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns and they introduce new donors to your organization


average number of donations to each fundraiser

Dedicated fundraising pages for each supporter provide detailed data and results by individual, team and campaign


average number of donors to each fundraiser

Many donors will make more than one gift in a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign

Source: MobileCause annual data year-ending 2020.

Donor Engagement

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of all Americans own a mobile device

81% of adults own a smartphone, making mobile messaging an important communication tool


of global internet traffic comes from mobile devices

For the sake of fundraising campaigns, nonprofits need to recognize smartphones and desktops are different and adapt accordingly


of text messages are read

90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of being sent, making texting the most effective way to reach out to your donor base


of nonprofit emails are opened*

Which mean 76% of emails sent by nonprofits are not being opened. Nonprofit emails have a 2.57% click-thru rate

*Email Marketing Benchmarks, Mailchimp, March 2018

Response Rates

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direct mail only

Response rates using only direct mail average 6%, which is not ideal by any means


direct mail + web

When adding just one other medium of communication, response rates increase by over 20%


direct mail + email

When adding just one other medium of communication, response rates increase by over 20%


direct mail + web + email

When using web and email engagement alongside direct mail, response rates shoot up to 37%!

Donor Data

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mobile phone adoption rate for US adults

Mobile phone number is the most accurate record in your donor database


smartphone adoption rate for US adults

Donors with smartphones are increasingly comfortable with making financial transactions on a mobile device


of US donors do not have a landline

Since 2008 landlines have been abandoned at a rate of 17% each year


of Americans change their address each year

Use mobile-friendly online forms to keep mailing address records up-to-date

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