Neal Ungerleider covered the story behind the Queens, NY six-month intensive technology program that is arming lower-income individuals with tech & coding skills that will propel them into higher paying careers–all while building apps and mobile technology that makes life easier. Ungerleider is a reporter for Fast Company, a company that offers an editorial focus on innovation in technology, covering the intersection of future technology and everyday life.

Open Access: How A Nonprofit Is Giving Techies Without Tuition Their Shot

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By Neal Ungerleider | Fast Company | 7/23/15

In a crowded classroom on a recent Saturday morning in a donated community college space in Queens, New York, more than 20 students were huddled together learning the basics of building Android apps.

The class is part of a six-month intensive program called Access Code offered by a local nonprofit, the Coalition for Queens (C4Q). Access Code is trying a radical experiment: taking self-driven techies (and aspiring techies) from modest financial backgrounds and offering them free nine-month long programming intensives that require 22 hours a week of in-class instruction alone. And in the process, students are immersed in tech culture and taught everything from how to write a résumé to understanding how to make friends at your startup.



Fundraising Technology Nonprofits Can Use to Save the World

Thanks to Access Code, the intensive app & tech development program offered by the Queens, NY nonprofit Coalition for Queens (C4Q), “There’s an app for that” will remain a popular phrase for a long time to come. Students are learning to code and develop everything from mobile apps to technology that will improve our world.

The good news is that organizations don’t have to wait for the future. Cloud-based communication and fundraising technology nonprofits can use to fulfill their mission is available today.  Let’s look at just a couple of examples of cloud-based fundraising technology nonprofits are using to engage supporters, convert them to donors and increase recurring gifts.

Text Messaging For Donor Outreach

Text messaging makes it possible for your organization to stay in touch with supporters, keep them engaged in, and passionate for, your cause. Text messages for example, are great for sending Thank You videos, regular updates, volunteer opportunities, event registration information, end of year appeals and immediate calls-to-action. Also known as mobile messaging, text messages take less than 5 minutes to write and schedule for instant communication to 1 or 1,000,000,000 supporters.

 Remember, 99% of your messages are opened, and 90% are read within 3 minutes.

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Crowdfunding Through Your Network Of Volunteers, Donors and Staff

Crowdfunding on mobile is a convenient way to leverage the power of your current donors to raise funds and awareness among their social networks. The ROI is phenomenal! It takes a mere 30 minutes to set up the campaign in your account, post the links on social media and send a quick message to your supporters with the link they can use to donate or to set up their own fundraiser in just another 5-10 minutes. Each one of your crowdfunders will share your campaign with their own social circle, encouraging even more people to give to your cause. The entire crowdfunding experience becomes not just an ask for money, but a call to action for supporters to actively participate in your organization which will provide them with a great sense of purpose and accomplishment.

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With Crowdfunding, generally, each person will raise $568 through the promotion of their own custom fundraising page, donation link and keyword via text message, social media, or email. Plus, you increase your donor database by 60% because your organization is introduced to new people.

Why Going Mobile is a No Brainer Visual Guide

Your supporters use mobile phones for talking, texting, emailing, watching videos, looking at pictures, searching the web, making purchases and interacting on social media. Most people have their mobile phones within reach 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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